Universal - May 23 2022

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Clues Answers
"C'est Si Bon" singer Kitt EARTHA
"Dibs!" MINE
"Double Stuf" cookie OREO
"Not nice!!" SOMEAN
"The One I Love" band REM
A pony is a small one HORSE
Account of assets and liabilities (... letters 6-11) BALANCESHEET
Acela train operator AMTRAK
Age after Bronze IRON
Arm or leg LIMB
Basic skateboarding trick OLLIE
Belted constellation ORION
Bit of ink TAT
Chimpanzee, e.g APE
City Muslims face during salat MECCA
City near Santa Ana IRVINE
City where the Africanfuturist novel "Lagoon" takes place LAGOS
Collection SET
Ctrl+Y action REDO
Ear-piercing site LOBE
Encountered MET
Ewe's call BAA
Finale END
First letters ABC
Foamy espresso drink LATTE
Formal promises OATHS
Going ___ (fighting) ATIT
Halt at a red, e.g. (... letters 4-11) COMETOASTOP
Have within CONTAIN
Insect within "mantis" ANT
It may be a waxing crescent MOON
It precedes Virgo LEO
Kindle downloads EBOOKS
Large-scale EPIC
Late-alphabet flower ZINNIA
Leave with tires squealing PEELOUT
Light kiss PECK
Mazda sports car MIATA
Clues Answers
Mo. for most of Ramadan in 2022 APR
Moving these can make success elusive GOALPOSTS
Musical interval OCTAVE
Not trans CIS
Offs' opposites ONS
One may consider a Gen Xer old ZOOMER
Opera highlight ARIA
Photo ___ (publicity events) OPS
Plagues with troubles BESETS
Prefix meaning "all" OMNI
Provides with funds ENDOWS
Reacts to a hilarious screwup FACEPALMS
Russian royal, once TSAR
Safari alternative CHROME
Safe at first, maybe? ONBASE
Served a meal to FED
Shaped like 0 OVAL
She kissed Kylo Ren REY
Shed tears WEEP
Site with a Symptom Checker WEBMD
Spot for a snuggly cat LAP
Stares in shock GAPES
Strong odors MUSKS
Sugary treat in a colorful stripe (In this answer, anagram letters 4-8) RIBBONCANDY
Switches to a different approach (... letters 5-8) CHANGESGEARS
Tibetan dumpling MOMO
Tolkien monster ORC
Trucker's location CAB
Uncle, in Uruguay TIO
Unlocked OPEN
Uno + dos + tres SEIS
White stuff in an orange PITH
Winter Olympics venue for Michelle Kwan or Nathan Chen RINK
Wolf's call HOWL
Workstation DESK
___ death (loss of self-identity) EGO
___ mortal MERE
___-Bismol PEPTO