Canadiana - May 23 2022

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Clues Answers
"To be" in Brossard ETRE
Above OVER
Arab country QATAR
Astounds AWES
Automobile fuel sys EFI
Averages NORMS
Balkan native SLAV
Behinder binders? CORSETS
Brewery tank VAT
Bring to vertical PLUMB
Britain's youngest Prime Minister PITT
Bully for you? OLE
Canada Day wish begins GOD
Circle segment ARC
Create fabric TAT
Cuddle PET
Cupola DOME
Deride BOO
Destiny LOT
Dropsy EDEMA
Eggs OVA
Ena's niece BAMBI
Encountered MET
Eskimo knife ULU
First lady? EVE
Flee LAM
Golfers' cry FORE
Haggard GAUNT
Half a fly? TSE
Have, in the Hebrides HAE
Hawkeye portrayer ALDA
Jonson and Wicks BENS
Manufacturers org CMA
Clues Answers
Mauna _____ LOA
May, in Montmartre MAI
Nimbus HALO
Palm leaf paper OLA
Paragon IDEAL
Part eight of our message LEAF
Part five of our message HEAVEN
Part four of our message AND
Part nine of our message FOR
Part seven of our message THEMAPLE
Part six of our message BLESS
Part ten of our message EVER
Part three of our message OURQUEEN
Part two of our message SAVE
Pester BUG
Pike fish GAR
Regretter RUER
Scottish river DEE
Singer John ELTON
Small integer TEN
Smiled contemptuously SNEERED
Snitch RAT
Soak RET
Stomped TROD
Supernatural being EON
Swedish car maker SAAB
The notorious Ms Braun EVA
Title attachment LIEN
Tolkien creature ENT
Wagon CART
Was in debt OWED
_____ for victory VEE