The Washington Post - May 20 2022

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Clues Answers
'Act Like You Don't' country singer Brooke EDEN
'I __ to recall ... ' SEEM
'It's settled, then!' AGREED
*Appendage capable of kicking a 60-yard field goal? RAREFOOT
*LEGO minifigure of Emmet Brickowski, e.g.? MICROMAN
*Purpose of a phone booth, to Clark Kent? GARBDISPOSAL
*Result of a computer virus? INTERNETMESS
Agitate RILE
Animal Crossing unit ACRE
Apple seed PIP
Apples, pears, etc POMES
Aromatic compound ESTER
Assumed name ALIAS
Be without LACK
Binding words IDO
Blonde __ ALE
Bollywood dancer/actress Fatehi NORA
Browser button HOME
Calligraphy supply INK
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Chef's creation DISH
China setting ASIA
Claymation character with a horse GUMBY
Communications platform that began as a chat service for gamers DISCORD
Counsel ADVISE
Cried out YELLED
Dash of flavor? MRS
Deck out ADORN
Dole out ALLOT
Farm house STY
Feel sick AIL
Finally give CAVE
Flow back EBB
Fury IRE
Genetic letters DNA
Guessing game CHARADES
Had down cold KNEW
Hose attachment SPRAYER
In layers TIERED
Clues Answers
In-flight officer SKYMARSHAL
Indie pop duo Tegan and __ SARA
Ingredient in some batter BEER
Latvian seaport RIGA
Like a March hare MAD
Like someone who appears untouched by time, and like the answers to the starred clues? AGELESS
List-ending abbr ETAL
Love, in arias AMORE
Maki topping ROE
Metal framework GRILLE
Miller/Liu TV drama ELEMENTARY
Museum item RELIC
Nurses SIPS
Passionate about INTO
Periphery EDGE
Pre-calc course TRIG
Quash VETO
Record no RPM
Right away PRONTO
Routine ACT
Shuffleboard stick CUE
Slow-cook, in a way BRAISE
Snob __ APPEAL
Strong who voices Miss Minutes on 'Loki' TARA
Subside ABATE
Successfully lure ROPEIN
Superlative suffix EST
Surrounded by AMID
Sweater wool MOHAIR
Takes interest, maybe LENDS
The Body Shop balm ALOE
U.K. fliers RAF
Uncertain sounds UMS
Uneducated guess STAB
Wet blanket DEW
Zodiac sign LEO
Zoom option CHAT
__ provençale ALA