The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8909

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Clues Answers
— Boots; — hat COSSACK
Ancient Scots PICTS
Badminton item SHUTTLECOCK
Card game POKER
Cheat; instrument FIDDLE
Commerce TRADE
Don't go to bed stay up
Drink alcohol regularly TIPPLE
Estimate the worth of APPRAISE
Feeling satisfied PLEASED
Fellow CHAP
Gymnastic entertainer ACROBAT
Happen again RECUR
Clues Answers
Mammal of giraffe family OKAPI
Not unwell; considerable HEALTHY
Offensively impolite RUDE
Orchestra director CONDUCTOR
Plaything TOY
Public transport BUS
Quiet and gentile quality MEEKNESS
Science of farming AGRICULTURE
Science of matter and energy PHYSICS
Senior manager EXECUTIVE
Short time SECOND
Swell through internal pressure DISTEND
Tree; of a greater age ELDER