The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,855 - May 19 2022

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Clues Answers
Anger rising in square that's lost a restaurant PIZZERIA
Award finally given to flower club DRIVER
Awful liars engaged in bizarre countryside life RURALISM
Bird -- one left turning for middle of hut in adverse weather condition BLIZZARD
Bowled-over journalists love a goddess JUNO
Capital brings little sign of growth -- a nuisance BUDAPEST
Cooked food consumed by my ape COPIER
Covering given to the French books in church? BIBLES
Distinguished soldier before being captured in US city MONTEREY
Female friend hanging around home at the end of the day FINALLY
Former lover slated Cockney woman audibly -- one taking things to new limits? EXPANDER
Greed I had after spell of prosperity in business community CUPIDITY
Inadequate child, lad falling short, reticent no end? Nonsense! KIBOSH
Irritable little son with something he needs changed? SNAPPY
Member of first family eats rubbish substance obtained from plants CAROTIN
Old neighbour of Jay not suffering? OKAY
Clues Answers
On the ball, poet beginning to roll out a set of books VIGILANT
One of the toffs, idiot UNIT
Pals moon around in burlesque shows LAMPOONS
Pre-eminent songwriter, not the first or last to be arranged TOWERING
See way out half blocked by collapsed tree EXETER
Service brothers found uplifting SORB
Soldier atop favourite defensive wall PARAPET
Took possession of a record containing many pieces of paper ACQUIRED
Uncouth philosopher losing heart after game RUSTIC
University sportsperson reported at Oxford maybe lost temper BLEWUP
What makes German character look dotty? UMLAUT
What mover has importance? Greek character on the up MOMENTUM
Wife overacting, an evil influence WHAMMY
With little yen inside, itinerant leader ambles MOSEYS
Work with characters set apart in authentic company TROUPE
You may eat this wet grub, stifling scream? SCALLOP