The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,991 - May 19 2022

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Clues Answers
Anger consumes one beginning to sample spirits WRAITHS
Aubergine served for starters with chicken pasty? ASHEN
Being in German city church ESSENCE
Clear but not subtle OBVIOUS
Complex procedure to fix poor morale RIGMAROLE
Concern about handle in case CARTOUCHE
Diet has military group shedding tons REGIMEN
Disorderly Irish sort often in pub IRREGULAR
Enormous insect covering a small distance MAMMOTH
Fast runner no sporting sort we're told CHEETAH
Father now struggling to make headlines? FROWN
Following on is straightforward SINCERE
France goalie, beaten, leaves FOLIAGE
Fruit dessert to arrive without container COMPOTE
Hurdler say in line runs in stockings RACEHORSE
Installs fashionable pipes INDUCTS
Clues Answers
Lecherous god for example right to save time SATYR
Marcher to roam with mother breaking leg ORANGEMAN
Material from precious daughter TWEED
Mogul governor in Washington wearing collar NAWAB
Rude song about hotel cat SHORTHAIR
Rudeness almost put off consumer ENDUSER
Second drink from anonymous person? ANOTHER
See GI shot in prolonged attack SIEGE
Sheep bit castle defenders here? RAMPART
Stuffed with duck, kipper cooked for snack PORKPIE
Teaching degree presented by setter perhaps DOGMA
Through time, hard to stop gaunt monster LEVIATHAN
Townsperson's husband tucked into fast food BURGHER
Unfinished Harper Lee novel about month passing EPHEMERAL
Vain Englishman and American crossing river POMPOUS
Verifying which six must leave tip? PRONG