Wall Street Journal - Nov 23 2001 - WSJ November 23, 2001 Doctor Nos

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Clues Answers
'Oz' broadcaster HBO
'The Sun Also Rises' star TYRONEPOWER
'There's ___ in 'team'' NOI
'___ Plays Fats' (1955 jazz album) SATCH
'___ shoe fits ...' IFTHE
1920 Capek play RUR
6-button marking MNO
AAA suggestion RTE
Advantage STEAD
Agnus ___ DEI
Anarchist's goal CHAOS
Banking expert? PILOT
Barkeep's supply ICE
Bart363k began a concerto for one VIOLA
Becomes associated with TIESTO
Big galoot LUG
Birthplace of Robert Burns AYR
Bone protectors SPLINTS
Brand bought by Wile E. Coyote ACME
Brown quickly SEAR
Bushy hairdo AFRO
California's ___ Altos LOS
Campus climber IVY
Carrere of 'Wayne's World' TIA
Certain to experience INFOR
Chile's president during WWII RIOS
Co-star of Ted, Woody and Kelsey RHEA
Common MERE
Computer shortcut MACRO
Confess OWNTO
Counter alternative BOOTH
Coup follower DETAT
Doctor at Blair General KILDARE
Dr.'s group HMO
Dug in ATE
Fan club focuses IDOLS
FDR's successor HST
Five doctors were asked to move their offices to a ___ NEWHOSPITALWING
Fla.-to-Cal. hwy. ITEN
Forsaken ALONE
Fraternity letter PHI
Geometry calculation AREA
Give it a go TRY
Glacial ridge SERAC
Greece, to the Greeks ELLAS
Group of three TRINE
Gunpowder, for one TEA
Heaps ALOT
Hold hands? TARS
Home of Minolta-QMS MOBILE
Home of the sloop Estella A MYSTIC
Ibsen heroine HEDDA
Ingredients in some stews OKRAS
It opens doors in Tours CLE
Jacuzzi setting SPA
Jasper National Park grazers ELK
Journal ending ESE
Juan's wife EVA
Key blunder TYPO
Lash ___ (berate) OUTAT
Like some mortgages OPENEND
Like some tables VENEERED
List-shortening abbr. ETC
Masterful ADEPT
May neglect to NEEDNT
Metallic marble STEELIE
Monkeyshine ANTIC
Monopoly piece DIE
Clues Answers
Mournful cry YOWL
Needless to say, ___ THEPLANDIDNTFLY
Nevertheless EVENSO
Nomo of baseball HIDEO
Not natural DYED
Not natural MANMADE
Not retro NEO
Not voiced ASONANT
Oberhausen article EINE
Old Navy's parent GAP
One way to get to Israel ELAL
One who makes good ATONER
Peak of Thessaly OSSA
Pest control, of a sort FLYSWATTER
Petitions PLEADS
Plant SOW
Plant parenthood setting GREENHOUSE
Pomme de ___ (potato) TERRE
Prepared for a firing AIMED
Prez backup VEEP
Processing unit BYTE
Ready to hear cases ROBED
Relative on the mother's side ENATE
Replay feature, for short SLOMO
Royal symbol ORB
See 80-Down GIN
Shuttle setting LOOM
Sign INK
Site of 2001 mil. action AFGH
Smacker CLAM
Some appliances AMANAS
Some Dada works ARPS
Something to check out at the checkout TABLOID
Sound of an epiphany AHA
Special vocabulary ARGOT
Stable diet OATS
Start of a seasonal song title AULD
Still, in poetry EEN
Stood for MEANT
Striped pet TIGERCAT
Swear words OATH
Symbol for electrical resistance OMEGA
Synthetic fiber brand ARNEL
The allergist wanted to ___ SCRATCHTHEIDEA
The internist felt it was a ___ HARDPILLTOSWALLOW
The ophthalmologist considered it ___ SHORTSIGHTED
The pathologist yelled '___!' OVERMYDEADBODY
The psychiatrist thought it was ___ SHEERMADNESS
They may make across-the-board cuts SAWS
Third column in Congressional tallies ABSTENTIONS
Three-time Oscar winner for direction CAPRA
Tooth, in combinations DENTI
Topsy-___ TURVY
Travelers' stops INNS
Trivia collection ANA
UN agcy. promoting social justice ILO
Vane setting SPIRE
Wage a Civil War battle, perhaps REENACT
Water tester, at times TOE
Weariness ENNUI
Where some plant managers work? GARDENS
With 72-Across, a sweet liqueur SLOE
Woody's son ARLO
___-di-dah LAH
___-night doubleheader TWI