The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,854 - May 18 2022

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Clues Answers
007's boss popular with Bond -- new to area that's often consumed with case? MINCEMEAT
After evacuation, safety instruction to reader to keep two metres apart is characteristic of illness SYMPTOM
Angry at time I take off IMITATE
As one worried Essex man must cast vote ENMASSE
Content to supervise on account of medium or, perhaps, short measure VERSEFORM
Deputy locked up my half of everything LOCUM
Diva removing shell of every nut BONCE
Dreamers in space organised time aboard research satellite ESCAPISTS
Gather around auction site, spending last of money to get essential item for the table CUEBALL
Hapless broadcaster initially going after all-naked pub and club act UNLUCKY
Heartless sod after filling in his nana IDIOT
I eat noodles, originally to break religious fast -- it's tolerant LENIENT
I tape over wound in action OPERATIVE
Knock back some of the raw lamb -- it could damage your system MALWARE
Marx wasting hour visiting business with liberal idea to mobilise workers? CARPOOL
Necessary introduction to riding on horse -- sit in knight's place REQUISITE
Clues Answers
Occasionally good to query smell ODOUR
Overdraft arranged reflected experimental environment TESTBED
Piece from burlesque entertainer QUEEN
Protection from copper, quiet before one's charged CUSHION
Short letter reviewing TV fundraiser: 'Hearts not in it.' NOTELET
Sign outside of the man's book THESAURUS
Singer makes things that may be used by one channel SEWER
Smartest One Day International match is entertaining TIDIEST
Speak up over His Majesty: King supporting a cover-up YASHMAK
Stint in quirky local drinking pale ale at the end ALLOWANCE
Storm starts in 5,4,3,2,1 CYCLONE
Stream or boring river TORRENT
Suffer punishment from second flier -- look out COPIT
Tool modifying iTunes with lead to laptop UTENSIL
Will finally drag in cooker as romantic gift LOVETOKEN
You are caught during escape from the east -- blast CURSE