Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 19 2022

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Clues Answers
A cleaner - Martha, Norma or Lulu, maybe - will look at it in the middle of the day. SOAPOPERA
Adorable echidna might host parasite. LEECH
Are these ill-made trash, say, or are they now regarded as 18 across? ASHTRAYS
Complex actuarially, giving accurate result. EXACT
Confrontations like these make running captains lose heart. RUNINS
Excessive and odd-looking tub on veranda. OVERABUNDANT
Has the most expensive eggs in Russia, perhaps? BELUGA
I hear some are salty, like this maybe? BACKFLIP
Intricately connected online perhaps? WEBBED
It would seem cue given around ten was incorrect - apologies! EXCUSEME
Lacking polish, hag takes cue erroneously. GAUCHE
Leading carol singers around here get three with applause. CHEERS
Lives here in wild glen. DWELLING
Might worried, religious sister lament the break-up? ANNULMENT
Clues Answers
Seen quite clearly at the Capitol, at least fifty were involved in a coup. CUPOLA
Stop-starts and in bits at the end - very old-fashioned altogether. PERIODPIECES
Sudden outburst from colossal volcano. SALVO
That one, on the outside, looks quite masculine, by and large. MAINLY
To evaluate a paper is tricky. APPRAISE
To pass the time, electronic engineers start with circuits inside. ELAPSE
Use for hose, only in the North. NYLON
Uses up what is 14 across maybe, like fire. CONSUMER
Various clues he'd lined up. SCHEDULE
Vast wildlife reserve might be the greenest one around. SERENGETI
Vilification of Tom in Indonesia. DEMONISATION
What father brought out during ceremony was hardly unique. MASSPRODUCED
What one might call 18 across in Atlanta, perhaps? GEORGIAN
What's 14 across is this and might give fluent lip. PLENTIFUL