Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 1 2022

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Clues Answers
"E Pluribus —" UNUM
"Hey!" PSST
"Norma —" RAE
"Suits" network USA
"— Lang Syne" AULD
Agent REP
Annoy IRK
Apollo Theater locale HARLEM
Boring routine RUT
Bridge call IPASS
Camera part LENS
Cloud setting SKY
Cold War initials USSR
Cravat TIE
Crayola color BRICKRED
Delany of "Body of Proof" DANA
Dweeb NERD
Early Mongolian TATAR
Foot fraction INCH
Fragrant tree FIR
French article UNE
Frog's sound CROAK
Fudd of cartoons ELMER
Funny Fey TINA
Golfing great Ballesteros SEVE
Gore and Pacino ALS
Greyhound driver's assignment BUSROUTE
Highway division LANE
Hotel chain OMNI
Jeopardize RISK
JFK postings ETDS
July birthstone RUBY
June 6, 1944 DDAY
Clues Answers
Kitchen fixture SINK
Latin I word AMAS
Literary collections ANAS
Male deer STAG
Massage parlor services BACKRUBS
Milo of "The Verdict" OSHEA
Newsom of baseball lore BOBO
Numerical prefix UNI
Perimeter EDGE
Pre-frat-party trips BEERRUNS
Priestly garment ALB
Probable LIKELY
Recipe meas TBSP
Release money BAIL
Request ASK
Rock producer Brian ENO
Serb or Croat SLAV
Sidewalk eatery CAFE
Sigma follower TAU
Singer India.— ARIE
Some corp. recruits MBAS
Spigot TAP
Stew veggies PEAS
Superhero's garment CAPE
Take testimony from DEPOSE
Tease RIB
Tennis score ADIN
Train rails TRACKS
Unemotional STOIC
Utter SAY
Video-streaming site HULU
— tizzy (worked up) INA