L.A. Times Daily - May 15 2022

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Clues Answers
"Ain't happening" NOPE
"Am I the only one?" ISITME
"Catastrophe" writer/star Delaney ROB
"Hanna" actress Creed-Miles ESME
"I hate to break up __" ASET
"Just joking!" IKID
"Kapow!" BAM
"Let me put it this way ... " IMEAN
"Pearls" Grammy winner India.__ ARIE
"Please Mr. __" POSTMAN
"The Good Dinosaur" dinosaur ARLO
"Wonderwall" Britpop band OASIS
"__ win 'em all" CANT
Actress de la Reguera ANA
Antelope whose name means "gazelle" in Zulu IMPALA
Audio interference STATIC
Beer garden mug STEIN
Brahma and Vishnu GODS
Bright African snake GREENMAMBA
Cameo shapes OVALS
Canon choice, briefly SLR
Cap with a toorie TAM
CBS News correspondent Barnett ERROL
Chart a new course for REMAP
Chrome or silver METAL
Chums PALS
Cleaning cloth RAG
Clear the board ERASE
Clerical vestments ALBS
College application fig GPA
Country star McEntire REBA
Country where Inca Kola originated PERU
Curved structure ARCH
Desperate DIRE
Diagnostic pics MRIS
Did a 33-Down, say RAN
Dr Teal's Pure __ Salt EPSOM
Drain nuisance CLOG
Elsie Fisher's "Despicable Me" voice role AGNES
ESPN broadcaster Shriver PAM
Europe's tallest volcano ETNA
Fast-running birds EMUS
Films that may follow a band on tour ROCKUMENTARIES
Flared dress style ALINE
Forge worker SMITH
Four-footed Jetson ASTRO
Frequent changes of direction TWISTSANDTURNS
Fruit-flavored cocktails APPLETINIS
Garlic paste amt TSP
Garment with hooks BRA
Golden brew LAGER
Govt. prosecutors DAS
Gp. with a tour PGA
Groups for aspiring grandmasters CHESSCLUBS
Hardly holy EVIL
Highlands girl LASS
In __ of LIEU
Item that's made to measure RULER
John of "Coming 2 America" AMOS
Kicked off BEGAN
Kissing in a crowd, say PDA
Knightley of "Colette" KEIRA
Land division ACRE
Land of Opportunity? MARS
Lopsided victory ROUT
Loud noises DINS
Make a blunder ERR
Maker of Glide floss ORALB
Many a Twitch streamer GAMER
Martin Luther King Jr.'s message from Birmingham Jail, for one OPENLETTER
Minor quibble NIT
Mlle., in Managua SRTA
Clues Answers
Music festival setups MERCHTENTS
National Organ Donor Day mo FEB
Navajo Nation tablelands MESAS
Necessities MUSTS
Neglected to mention OMITTED
One millionth of a meter MICRON
One of the largest tenants of Pittsburgh's tallest building USSTEEL
Parent company of Facebook META
People who take the shots CAMERACREW
Pep rally shout GOTEAM
Place for a lark MEADOW
Poland Spring competitor DASANI
Powerlifter's units REPS
Pre-eruption lava MAGMA
Prefix with center EPI
Present presented for fun GAGGIFT
Pump part HANDLE
Pump part HEEL
Pungent ACRID
Purrfect Delicacies brand IAMS
Puts into play USES
Remy's brother in "Ratatouille" EMILE
Samoa's biggest city APIA
Selling points ASSETS
Send down the wrong path MISLEAD
Short race, for short ONEK
Show stoppers? ADS
Sign gas NEON
Sign of spring GEMINI
Slate-colored GRAY
Sleek, in car lingo AERO
Slushy treat ICEE
Smart talk SASS
Smooth sailing EASE
So yesterday PASSE
Softens, as sound DAMPS
Spa wrap ROBE
Starts a pot ANTES
Stats for NFL defensive linemen SACKS
Steer clear of EVADE
Sticky-footed lizard GECKO
Sugar holders PACKETS
Supersonic unit MACH
Swedish autos SAABS
Take a tumble TRIP
Tantra specialist YOGINI
Taquería bowlful SALSA
Tentative taste SIP
Test prep giant KAPLAN
Tiger Balm target ACHE
Tiki bar instrument UKULELE
Timepiece WATCH
Tiny arachnid MITE
To any extent ATALL
Toni Morrison's "The __ Eye" BLUEST
Topiary evergreens YEWS
Topological abbr MTN
Tunisian currency DINAR
UFO beings ETS
Unblinking look STARE
Unit in gemology CARAT
Unusual sorts RAREBREEDS
Vocalists who combine musical styles RAPSINGERS
Website subunits PAGES
Weekend trips for two, e.g ROMANTICGETAWAYS
Well-balanced people? TIGHTROPEWALKERS
Whole lot SLEW
Woke up late SLEPTIN
__ Fridays TGI
__ musubi: meat-and-rice snack SPAM
__ waist EMPIRE