Irish Times (Simplex) - May 14 2022

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Clues Answers
'Roll out the ..., let's have a ... of fun' (WWII song) BARREL
... Dorrit (Dickens) LITTLE
An added comment or instruction NOTATION
Central Criminal Court in London OLDBAILEY
Conjecture, hypothesis THEORY
Creator of the Model T car in 1908 HENRYFORD
Directed one's gaze towards LOOKED
Exerted a gravitational pull ATTRACTED
Expelled, threw out EJECTED
Extreme and difficult to endure SEVERE
Fertile area in a desert OASIS
Get rid of REMOVE
He courts a woman SUITOR
House at the entrance to grounds of a mansion LODGE
Instructions for cooking RECIPE
Item of bedlinen SHEET
Least difficult EASIEST
Metric measure of capacity LITRE
Clues Answers
Noise from electrical interference STATIC
Or griped about this dish PORRIDGE
Perceive sound HEAR
Protection against the possibility of future difficulty SECURITY
Protective body covering SKIN
Quite so INDEED
Repeat aloud from memory RECITE
Sequence of words SENTENCE
Sharp rejoinder RETORT
Small crown CORONET
State of misfortune or affliction ADVERSITY
Stop remembering FORGET
Stumble, slip TRIP
Sweet course DESSERT
The most successful at this include Williams and Navratilova TENNIS
The eternal city ROME
Undoes a knot UNTIES