Wall Street Journal - May 11 2022 - Tell Tales

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Clues Answers
“A Sorta Fairytale” singer Tori AMOS
“I dunno” GOTME
“Likewise” ASAMI
“No need to elaborate” NUFFSAID
“What’s the ___?” DIF
“Xanadu” band ELO
“You know better!” TSKTSK
1994 Denis Leary comedy THEREF
80% of 10,000? AUGHTS
Alaska Airlines hub SEATAC
All the rage HOT
Bangalore bread NAAN
Bee chaser CEE
Big bang letters TNT
Big bumbler OAF
Big name in camping equipment REI
Bowl-shaped pan WOK
Clear of a clog UNSTOP
Designer Maya LIN
Disdainful pomposity HAUTEUR
Draft option ALE
Exaggerate, and a command followed three times in this puzzle STRETCHTHETRUTH
Extremely loud, on sheet music FFF
Fly ball paths ARCS
Forested region in WWII fighting ARDENNES
Gadget news website CNET
Gift tag preposition FOR
Goddess of the dawn EOS
GPS screen lines STS
Hall of Famer Roberto ALOMAR
Humble reply to a compliment ITRY
Humidity’s measure MOISTURE
Image file format GIF
Its airports include MIA, TPA and JAX FLA
Jamboree shelters TENTS
James Clavell novel TAIPAN
Clues Answers
Jubilant cry YES
Julius Caesar’s first name GAIUS
Like a Peloton instructor FIT
Like some detours SCENIC
Makes fuller, as a pillow FLUFFS
Mic holders MCS
Modernizes RETOOLS
Neg., to pos OPP
New York’s Alexandria ___-Cortez OCASIO
Note on a failed exam SEEME
Orchestral highlight SOLO
Palmer, to his fans ARNIE
Paper promise IOU
Paycheck Protection Program org SBA
Places for “daycations” SPAS
PlayStation producer SONY
Preschooler TOT
Pump purchase GAS
Quantity offering statistical wiggle room FUDGEFFAACCTTOR
Reach quickly RACETO
Reduce to shreds TEARUP
Rich cake GATEAU
Role for which Ed Asner won both comedy and drama Emmys LOUGRANT
Runner’s location STAIR
Shift choice GEAR
Sidelined by injury, say OUTOFFAACCTTION
Slew TON
Some washers GES
Speed Wagon maker REO
Summer hours at MIA, TPA or JAX EDT
Tampa Bay pro BUC
To so high a degree SUCH
Toy with a string KITE
Untroubled SERENE
Washout DUD
Where the latest gadgets debut TECHSHOW
White bills in Monopoly ONES