USA Today - Jun 1 2022

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Clues Answers
'Being ___' (Sondheim hit) ALIVE
'Dagnabbit!' DRAT
'Estas son ___ mananitas . . .' LAS
'Mamma Mia! ___ We Go Again' HERE
'Quit doing that!' STOP
'Rumour ___ It' (Adele tune) HAS
'Sad to say . . .' ALAS
'The caveman diet' PALEO
'The Last Taboo' topic SEX
'Totally!!' DEF
'We ___ Overcome' SHALL
'Who ___ would it be?' ELSE
'Will and Grace' star McCormack ERIC
'___ we a thing?' ARE
Almost there CLOSE
Arguments in the assets column PROS
Australian gems OPALS
Ballet-inspired exercise BARRE
Bit of ink, for short TAT
Bone dry ARID
Book's backbone SPINE
Cameron Champ's org PGA
Campfire treats SMORES
Code with dits and dahs MORSE
Colors HUES
Couch potato's spot SOFA
Cuisine with grilling and smoking BBQ
Direction of a spreadsheet row ACROSS
Does some undercover work SPIES
Dog food brand ALPO
Donut-shaped music holders CDS
Drag queen with the hit 'Kitty Girl' RUPAUL
Edinburg, TX time zone CST
Exams taken by many 7-Down SATS
Formal deal PACT
Fractions of a pound OUNCES
French for 'water' EAU
Friendship bracelet bit BEAD
Clues Answers
Gorilla, e.g APE
Gossip DIRT
Helicopter blades ROTORS
Highest point APEX
Ingredient in some chips and smoothies KALE
June greeting to celebrate the LGBTQIA community HAPPYPRIDE
Kehinde Wiley, e.g ARTIST
Kitschy cult film CAMPCLASSIC
Lesbian bar or GSA meeting, e.g QUEERSPACE
Like street grid photos AERIAL
Lopsided wins ROMPS
Missouri representative Bush CORI
More weird ODDER
Oblong French pastry ECLAIR
Opposite of transparency OPACITY
Parts of drum kits SNARES
Passover rituals SEDERS
Pigpen STY
Place for gloss LIP
Places to insert coins SLOTS
Pub game with a quizmaster TRIVIA
Radiant AGLOW
Relieve with ointment SOOTHE
Root veggie in poi TARO
Scores an own goal, say ERRS
Shishito or serrano, e.g PEPPER
Slippery swimmers EELS
Some pub drinks ALES
Soon-to-be-grads (Abbr.) SRS
South Carolina university CLEMSON
Spot for a contact lens EYE
Squad of total rock stars DREAMTEAM
The 'E' in BCE ERA
Totally crush it, at a ball SLAY
Unpredictable entities WILDCARDS
Words from groom to groom IDO
___ Khan aka Ms. Marvel KAMALA
___/neuter SPAY