The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,971 - Apr 26 2022

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Clues Answers
Appear so upset about old long-running series SOAPOPERA
Braille transcribed without the French sign LIBRA
Criminal tears around hotel grounds EARTHS
Crushes other half's offspring STEPSON
Destroy pirates (RIP)? No sweat! PERSPIRATION
Drunk, elbowing wife aside -- that's contemptible IGNOBLE
Follow east, north, south, then head to Uruguay, east ENSUE
Glimpse fortune-teller and tourist SIGHTSEER
Grain used as ingredient of goat stew OATS
Have last of cheeseboard on top of port DOVER
Hello John: this is a robbery HIJACK
Like an impossible clue, accepting end of crossword is unable to be cracked INDISSOLUBLE
Litre in wine store I needed for this: it usually goes with caviar BLINI
Logo of famous stadium, naked male EMBLEM
Macerate bats to make Cornish treat? CREAMTEA
Clues Answers
Might one be duelling, with strings attached? BANJOIST
Negotiated passage, putting bed back outside NAVIGATED
Police officer very tough in this area DISTRICT
Sees us hiding, eating Japanese food SUSHI
Soldier, perhaps, I will be against ANTI
Some collaborated to make compound BORATE
Stupid person picks pocket, getting credit DIPSTICK
Support below leg UNDERPIN
Sweet creature, we hear MOUSSE
Swindle official count, one might say, to get unanimity CONSENSUS
The end of war, it's said, is such a small thing PIECE
The last of these may be paid on spec, with time and sympathy, initially RESPECTS
This fires deadly missiles -- that sucks! No, just the opposite! BLOWPIPE
Undersea craft permitted to be rented out again SUBLET
What hot weather does to tomatoes and other items? SUNDRIES