Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 28 2022

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Clues Answers
''Whom the ... love, die young'' (Byron) GODS
Ammonia, chlorine etc CHEMICALS
Amounts paid before they're earned ADVANCES
Area around the North Pole ARCTIC
Bear something patiently ENDURE
Brook, burn or rivulet STREAM
Buff, burnish POLISH
Card game for four BRIDGE
Child of a parent's sibling COUSIN
Classifies SORTS
Garden tool with prongs RAKE
Head of state PRESIDENT
Human being PERSON
In the middle CENTRAL
Like one better than another PREFER
Make bread brown and crisp TOAST
Medical practitioner or holder of a PhD DOCTOR
Clues Answers
Member of a royal family PRINCESS
More precipitous STEEPER
Not including EXCEPT
Nurse, nun and relative SISTER
Olfactory organ NOSE
One who uses a bow and arrow ARCHER
Painful emotion resulting from guilt SHAME
Passage below ground TUNNEL
Publicise, promote ADVERTISE
Reflection of a sound wave ECHO
Senior person in a firm, executive or non-executive DIRECTOR
She looks after guests HOSTESS
Small plant-sucking insects APHIDS
Stops, refrains from DESISTS
Study of the earth's surface GEOGRAPHY
The full quantity TOTAL
Tracked down TRACED
Watches over and protects GUARDS