- Apr 24 2022

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Clues Answers
''Amazing!'' GEE
''Can you let me take a crack at it?'' MAYITRY
''Cats'' inspiration's monogram TSE
''If you ask me . . .'' text IMO
''Science Friday'' network NPR
''Simpsons'' merchant APU
''Swell!'' PEACHY
''What __, a mind reader?'' AMI
Academic prize DEGREE
Academic stat GPA
Alleviate, as fears DISPEL
Bank acceptance DEPOSIT
Barbara of Hollywood's Golden Age STANWYCK
Beach ball contents AIR
Became less ardent COOLED
Beyond repair SHOT
Biblical tablet taker MOSES
Bliss JOY
Bon __ (witticism) MOT
Brando's ''Stella!'' film ASTREETCARNAMEDDESIRE
Breakfast staple BACON
Caesar's 1002 MII
Carbon or sulfur NONMETAL
Carrey or Henson JIM
Charlemagne domain: Abbr HRE
City north of Sarasota TAMPA
Close kin SIB
Cold weather wear MITTENS
Competitive calculator MATHLETE
Compliment to a canine NICEDOG
Connoisseur of creativity AESTHETE
Consultant's charge FEE
Costing very little TENCENT
County near London ESSEX
Crossed out XED
Dinner table faux pas BURP
Does nothing IDLES
Don't appear to be a problem SEEMOK
Egg cell, e.g GAMETE
Eradicate ERASE
Facial expressions VISAGES
Farm machinery giant DEERE
Feast on EAT
Film with Fiennes as a concierge THEGRANDBUDAPESTHOTEL
Firefighter's one-time catcher LIFENET
First full mo. of spring APR
Flamboyance ECLAT
For the birds INANE
Former spouse, in conversation THEEX
Freddy Krueger's first film ANIGHTMAREONELMSTREET
Germ-free ASEPTIC
Glove fabric SUEDE
Goddess on Olympic medals NIKE
GPS reading NNE
Grammy category RAP
Griffin of game shows MERV
Group for seniors AARP
Grp. with pro goalies NHL
Hamlet's dueling opponent LAERTES
Hazardous gas RADON
Hinge (on) RELY
Illuminated LITUP
Impolite glances LEERS
In a timid fashion MILKILY
Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar film SILVERLININGSPLAYBOOK
Lava, before its exit MAGMA
Letters on some shoeboxes EEE
Light brown color ECRU
List shortener ETC
Clues Answers
Lyricist's quest RHYME
Madrid art museum PRADO
Markings imprinted on mail INDICIA
Measure of current AMPERE
Med. care group HMO
Merest bit IOTA
Mile-a-minute sprinters CHEETAHS
More antiquated MOSSIER
More than miffed STEAMED
Neighbor of Nigeria CHAD
Nine-season CBS spinoff CSINY
Not a pretty sight EYESORE
Not subject to tax EXEMPT
Not vacant at the moment INUSE
Novelist Jong ERICA
Olympians in masks EPEEISTS
Papaya product JAM
Part of a sofa ARM
Part of MPG PER
Pay by mail REMIT
Pay stub abbr HRS
PC's ''undo'' key ESC
Pierre's ''here'' ICI
Pitchfork-shaped letters PSIS
Playful chitchat BANTER
Pop star Katy PERRY
Prehistoric paintings CAVEART
Prepare to snare SETATRAP
Promotes strongly HYPES
Recent USNA grad ENS
Red vegetables BEETS
Religion of India JAINISM
River bordering 29 Across THAMES
River of France and Germany MOSELLE
Run out of energy TIRE
Scholarship criterion NEED
Scratch or dent MAR
Search for SEEK
See 44 Down COEN
She loves: Lat AMAT
Shrink back WINCE
Small crustacean ISOPOD
Small whirlpool EDDY
Soft cracker spread BRIE
Spielberg's ''phone home'' film ETTHEEXTRATERRESTRIAL
Sport, or sport shirt POLO
Stamp out END
Strauss of denims LEVI
Supplements, with ''out'' EKES
Sushi bar mushroom ENOKI
Tea, to Marie THE
Thanksgiving parade VIP SANTA
Toastmasters, for short MCS
Took by the hand LED
Venerable fraternal org BPOE
Verbalize SAY
Walk into a plane BOARD
What Fri. follows THU
White Rabbit's lament IMLATE
With 31 Across, half a director brother pair ETHAN
Work as ARE
Worldwide: Abbr INTL
Would-be volunteer's cry MEME
Your choice of ANY
Zealous RABID
__ facto IPSO
__ voyage party BON
__-Mex restaurant TEX
__-Thérèse, Quebec STE