- Apr 23 2022

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Clues Answers
''Beloved'' name AIMEE
''No'' ICANT
''Special'' projects OPS
About 75 beats per minute ANDANTE
Bedevil NAGAT
Belt-tightening aid LIPO
Berth place SLEEPER
Billionaire Barbadian, to her fans RIRI
British teen into flying AIRCADET
Casualwear, for short MOC
Certain spiritual leader PADRE
Certain spiritual leaders LAMAS
Circles around a dance floor HORAS
Cleared out quickly RAN
Consequently THEN
Conversation starter PSST
Cut off NIP
Cuts off ENDS
Dark __ AGES
Destination for a Samsung Premiere HOMECINEMA
Devalued, these days PLUTOED
Do laps, perhaps SWIM
First booker of a moon flight PANAM
Five-figure nickname ABE
Food storage device GROCERYBAG
Former star of the ''One Ocean'' show SHAMU
Four PEI senators MPS
Fourth-from-final Epistle IJOHN
Hard to account for EERIE
He said, ''I am the last president of the United States'' BUCHANAN
Horsy hoopster MAV
How sodium is stored by chemists INOIL
Hurriedly APACE
It fell from a horse long ago ILIUM
It's used for pie preparation piercing APPLECORER
Clues Answers
Known far and wide NOTED
Letting pass OKING
Long-term ABIDING
Mystery author byline ANON
Nehru's incumbent successor MODI
Network of intrigue WEB
Not still ONTHEGO
On-screen collection LINT
One may do your bidding NOD
One's luck HAP
Org. publishing patient care books ANA
Picasso pal MIRO
Pocket Fisherman purveyor RONCO
Pretorian prename in the paper ELON
Quick declination NOTI
Rachel Carson, in college BIOMAJOR
Rather large water cooler BERG
Salt sprinkled for safety ICEMELT
Sarcastic EDGED
Semi-solid GEL
Signs of satisfaction GRINS
Slide show subjects AMOEBAS
Soot, in quantity GRIME
Stop-work order BAGIT
Storage unit MEG
Thoughtful one CARER
Travel guide eponym BAEDEKER
Use your sight AIM
Walking tall PROUD
Water falls DRIPS
Waves and weaves DOS
What Groucho called himself, re his timidity SHYSTER
What's made for ''Jeopardy!'' contestants SIGNALINGDEVICE
What's made for ''Wheel'' contestants USEDLETTERBOARD
Where Shatner went, October 2021 IONOSPHERE
__ sauce (raspberry topping for frozen desserts) MELBA