The Washington Post - Apr 23 2022

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Clues Answers
'Can confirm' ITIS
'Deep breaths ... ' TRYTORELAX
'Have some' EAT
'I rock!' YAYME
'I'm waiting ... ' ANYTIMENOW
'Rainbow in the Dark' metal band DIO
'Sorry, my hands are tied ... ' WHATCANIDO
'The Thin Man' star LOY
'With Reagan' memoirist MEESE
'Yeah, no' UHUH
'__ Gabler' HEDDA
A bit off AWRY
Advances slowly CREEPS
Aegean capital ATHENS
Airline whose first flight was from Geneva to Tel Aviv ELAL
Array for catching rays SOLARPANELS
Audio brand BOSE
Australian novelist Astley THEA
Awards won by 50-Down EMMYS
Aweigh ATRIP
Beyoncé voice role NALA
Bon __ MOT
Brand with a Vanessa Hudgens workout collection AVIA
Bread machine ATM
Bridal store event SAMPLESALE
Central German river EDER
Class stat GPA
Climbs RISES
Construction projects guaranteed to get off the ground TREEHOUSES
Continues GOESON
Cookie with the same colors as a crossword OREO
Cutting-edge name? ATRA
Cyclotron units ATOMS
Disappearing act? MAGICSHOW
Draft status ONEA
Clues Answers
Drink that may be served warm SAKE
Educator Annemarie who co-founded a school in Greater Detroit ROEPER
Fictional Wolfe NERO
Folk dance REEL
Have a heated exchange? SEXT
Helgenberger of 'CSI' MARG
Like 2021 ODD
Like all tigers ASIAN
Makes fit ADAPTS
Military blockade SIEGE
Misery WOE
Ms. enclosure SASE
Musical arrangement? RECORDDEAL
Mystery that may have a stirring message? SECRETRECIPE
Neither here nor there ELSEWHERE
Pinch at the table SALT
Place PUT
Polite address MAAM
Popular performer CROWDPLEASER
Price for hand delivery? ANTE
Products with triple the power? CUBES
Publication credited to the 'Usual Gang of Idiots' MAD
Relocation option CUTANDPASTE
Revolution GYRE
Run ragged OVERWORK
Scenery in Road Runner cartoons MESAS
School org PTA
Sitcom whose 1974 pilot episode was titled 'Joe' RHODA
Sites for some rites ALTARS
Somewhat blue RACY
Source of some lumber PINES
U.N. agency ILO
Unlikely assignment from a math teacher ESSAY
Unpredictable jerk SPASM
USPS assignments RTES
Wrap END