Universal - Apr 22 2022

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Clues Answers
"... but maybe I'm wrong" ORNOT
"Ain't" alternative ARENT
"Calm down!" RELAX
"Death on the ___" (2022 film) NILE
"Halt," to a pirate AVAST
"I'm unimpressed" MEH
"Little piggy" TOE
*"Cry ___ river!" MEAL
*$1,000,000, informally MILA
*Animation collectible CELL
*Got hitched AWED
*Hi-___ image ARES
*Legumes Mendel studied PLEAS
*Miner's target CORE
*Number in a Bumble profile CAGE
*Prefix for "honor" DISC
*Pub beverage ALEC
*Singer Grande's nickname ARIA
*Sinusitis doc LENT
A close one is only good in a barbershop SHAVE
Abolitionist Harriet Beecher STOWE
Annoyance PEST
At the top of UPON
Boundary EDGE
Chasing AFTER
Chest muscles, for short PECS
Computer debut of 1998 IMAC
Diet-friendly ... like 20-Across, 51-Across, 4-Down and 40-Down, as per the starred clues' answers? NOCAL
Disapproving sounds TSKS
Do some reconnaissance SCOUT
Eve's partner ADAM
Feeling friendless LONELY
Florida's third most populous city TAMPA
For every PER
Fragrant compound ESTER
Futbol cheer OLE
Gabrielle of "Uncharted" TATI
Glimpsed SEEN
Grandparent's urging at dinner EAT
Clues Answers
Grapelike berry ACAI
Hat named for a Moroccan city FEZ
Kindle competitor NOOK
Kuwaiti leader EMIR
Lamp spirit GENIE
Like many a Juilliard student ARTSY
Lines up a free throw AIMS
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Name hidden in "relieved" LIEV
Observes Ramadan FASTS
Oceanfront SHORE
One of three for the 2022 Oscars EMCEE
Ore deposit LODE
Palindromic beauty magazine ELLE
Part of a wooden crate SLAT
Pizzeria orders often made with ricotta CALZONES
Range of knowledge KEN
Red thing on Oscar night CARPET
Scans, like a barcode READS
Seafood restaurant order made with squid CALAMARI
Seat for a stand-up comic STOOL
Seoul, South ___ KOREA
Speak hoarsely RASP
Stretch across SPAN
Suddenly pay attention SNAPTO
Sunflower products SEEDS
Supervillain Luthor LEX
Sushi bar order made with avocado CALIFORNIAROLL
The, in German DER
Theater box LOGE
Theater chain AMC
Therapy visit, slangily SESH
Trattoria order made with cutlets VEALSCALLOPINI
Treaties PACTS
Up to one's ears AWASH
What a rat may wear WIRE
Where India is ASIA
___ dice (deception game) LIARS