Wall Street Journal - Apr 20 2022 - Sticker Shock

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Clues Answers
“Bonanza” brother ADAM
“Feels great!” AAH
“La Bohème” seamstress MIMI
“The Situation Room” network CNN
“Watchmen” author Moore ALAN
“West Side Story” song MARIA
Acts the night owl SLEEPSLATE
Art supporters EASELS
Bar room? CELL
Bible book with the most verses PSALMS
Black tea from India ASSAM
Brown pigment SEPIA
Bunch SLEW
Capital on the Hudson ALBANY
Casino card holders SHOES
Central MID
Colors, as comics INKS
Damp smell MUST
Egyptian cross ANKH
End-of-week whoop TGIF
Fabricated accusation, or any of 17-, 33- and 42-Across? TRUMPEDUPCHARGE
Fisher of “Eighth Grade” ELSIE
Game stopper RAIN
Gives a hand CLAPS
Goddess who loved Tithonus EOS
Graceful GAINLY
Harsh sound RASP
Hoist with effort HEAVE
Hoops players BALLERS
Insurance category MEDICAL
Inventor’s need IDEA
Invoice for a green screen? BACKGROUNDCHECK
Invoice for a movie stand-in? DOUBLEBILL
Invoice for window-shopping? BROWSERTAB
It’s raised on a farm BARN
Italian bubbly ASTI
Clues Answers
Largest island in the Caribbean CUBA
Leafy stimulant COCA
Leap of faith? BUNGEEJUMP
Loan abbr APR
Mecca trek HAJ
Name derived from Hebrew for “adversary” SATAN
Niihau welcome ALOHA
On base ABOARD
One of three on a podium MEDAL
Oscar-winning 2017 Pixar film COCO
Oscar-winning 2020 Pixar film SOUL
Plane figure PILOT
Pub pull ALE
Röntgen discovery XRAY
Rank above viscount EARL
Sap’s cousin RESIN
Seasoning from el océano SAL
Setting of some schools SEA
Shimmering stone OPAL
Small-screen reading TEXTS
Snail trail SLIME
SoCal force LAPD
Something you used to answer that now answers you PHONE
Sound quality HEALTH
Spend on frivolous goods BLOW
Spider-Man offshoots? WEBS
Squished circle OVAL
Their shells are edible TACOS
They’re between greens and reds AMBERS
Transmitted SENT
Treasury dept. arm IRS
Uber competitor LYFT
Unaccompanied LONE
Underpinning of some pages HTML
Wayward ERRANT
Well informed about UPON
Whiskey base RYE
Writers Radcliffe and Rule ANNS