The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28267

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Clues Answers
Alternating crops needs overtime in allotment ROTATION
Archipelago's name appearing in old clothing TONGA
Awkward moment in case of surgery STICKY
Capital's industrial action out of bounds OSLO
Cats perhaps calm us in distress, one’s gathered MUSICAL
Coward's work that may make your eyes water hay fever
Dash back to eat at European business venue trading estate
Dietary requisite from celebrity chef, half-cut STARCH
English officer in China first tipped many races there melting pot
Flag raised after millions desert MERIT
Gold Middle East strip inspires new fabric ORGANZA
He's treading uneasily, unable to see clearly near-sighted
Huge blunder if one's in court, having been set up TERRIFIC
Is Israel taken in by RC saint's converter? MISSIONARY
Like simple life in college, until having to be evacuated into vault UNICELLULAR
Clues Answers
Massive winger covers a short distance MAMMOTH
Maybe keener cabby managed to go round rarely empty CRYBABY
Mickey for one scoffs second sweet MOUSSE
Not many? What a relief, I'd say FEW
Old poet turning over note respecting union MARITAL
Overcome pressure, cutting cost OUTPLAY
Plant one between lines at rear of nursery LILY
PM once introducing article for nothing — or very little PITTANCE
Poor rowers head off, clinging to frame skin-tight
Prague colleague reported decisive position on board CHECKMATE
Rubbish not even collected by cast SHODDY
Sort of art in leading couple abandoning TU principles, on paper EXPRESSIONISM
Starts to grin, upsetting young kid GUY
Track what's wrong in earnings PATHWAY
What sporty type in Cairngorms uses if kilt's torn? ski lift