Wall Street Journal - Apr 4 2022 - Opening Lines

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Clues Answers
“Futurama” captain LEELA
“Pronto!” during an operation STAT
“Psst! I’m in disguise!” ITSME
“Up and ___!” ATEM
“What’s ___ for me?” INIT
101-level college course, say INTRO
Abbr. after an attorney’s name ESQ
Accords and Sonatas, e.g SEDANS
Alternative to liquid detergent PODS
Anchor’s resting place SEAFLOOR
Attack strategy GAMEPLAN
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Birds with iridescent feathers STARLINGS
Bitter conflict STRIFE
Body of myths LORE
Brief time, in brief SEC
Brit’s breakfast, informally FRYUP
Caesar wrap? TOGA
Casino option ROULETTE
Chimpanzee, e.g APE
Clairvoyant SEER
Court event TRIAL
Crafty SLY
Does the job of ACTSAS
Eggs at a sushi bar ROE
Embark on a quest, say SETOFF
Equips RIGS
Estate recipients HEIRS
Exposed, in a way OUTED
Feature shared by 16-, 22-, 50- and 61-Across EYE
Feeling a workout SORE
Filled dessert CREAMCAKE
Fireplace item LOG
Flashy basketball pass ALLEYOOP
Flynn of “The Adventures of Robin Hood” ERROL
Futile NOUSE
Gave a thumbs-up to, on Facebook LIKED
Clues Answers
Gillette brand since 1977 ATRA
Gives power to FUELS
Gotten to one’s feet RISEN
Gotten to one’s feet STOOD
Handle a trailing shoelace RETIE
He gave Elvis Presley signed boxing gloves ALI
Ill-gotten gains LOOT
Initials indicating urgency ASAP
It’s observed from Mar. to Nov DST
Italian wine-producing province ASTI
Its 31-Down can be 20 to 40 miles across TROPICALSTORM
Its 31-Down is about the size of a dinner plate GIANTSQUID
Its 31-Down may be hundredths of an inch LEATHERNEEDLE
Its 31-Down might be similar in size (and function) to a pea SEEDPOTATO
Judges DEEMS
Lake near Buffalo ERIE
Leadership group CADRE
Letter before kappa IOTA
Man of the manor LORD
More arid DRIER
Nearby LOCAL
Playlist item SONG
Plummeted FELL
Polar feature ICECAP
Prayer finish AMEN
Puts the kibosh on ENDS
Reason for a trip? LSD
Roughly ORSO
Significant period ERA
Stop being followable, as a trail GOCOLD
Suffers AILS
There are nine on a Clue board ROOMS
Tree inhabited by a Christmas partridge PEAR
Vassal’s estate FIEF
Wiped out in a big way ATEIT
Word from the wise PROTIP