Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 1 2022

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Clues Answers
A supervisor or chargehand OVERSEER
A weight to secure a ship ANCHOR
An act of retaliation REPRISAL
Broad road or street, often with trees AVENUE
Casual, free and easy INFORMAL
Charge a public official with an offence IMPEACH
Creamy dessert or foam for hair MOUSSE
Diamond anniversary SIXTIETH
Figured out the mystery SOLVED
Ghosts, or spectres WRAITHS
Have enormous respect for REVERE
It denotes China SINO
Looked at similarities and differences COMPARED
Low female singing voice ALTO
Lustrous structures that need no cutting or polishing PEARLS
Matthew, Mark, Luke or John APOSTLE
Clues Answers
Minute piece of matter PARTICLE
Most secure SAFEST
Not occurring very often RARELY
Old units of length INCHES
One of three born at the same time TRIPLET
Organism that lives in or on another PARASITE
Pieces of furniture with open shelves to display ornaments ETAGERES
Plantations of fruit trees ORCHARDS
Platforms for public speakers ROSTRUMS
Relating to a sacred image ICONIC
Smaller size or duration LESS
Spanish mountain range SIERRA
Swelling of the wall of an artery ANEURISM
Traditional on Shrove Tuesday PANCAKES
Unfastened, a lace say UNTIED
Urban area TOWN