Jonesin' - Sep 21 2010

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Clues Answers
"Alejandro" singer LADYGAGA
"Caught you!" cries OHOS
"I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" org. PETA
"Little piggies" TOES
"Lou Grant" star Ed ASNER
"See ya later, everybody" IMOFF
"Shoot!" NERTS
"The Man Who Fell to Earth" director Nicolas ROEG
A roll of 4 and 6, in craps EASYTEN
ACLU's concern: abbr. RTS
Agent REP
Airport guess: Abbr. ETA
Before, to Burns ERE
Beginner: Var. TIRO
Big rig SEMI
Black eyes SHINERS
Blood type system ABO
Bullfighting figures TOREROS
Catchy part of a song HOOK
Coffeehouse order MOCHA
Composer who's a marching band staple SOUSA
Cong. meeting SESS
Cube maker Rubik ERNO
Decorated anew REDONE
Digits some people write with an extra slash SEVENS
Division of Islam SUNNI
Encircled GIRDED
Foot-powered vehicle SCOOTER
Former Chinese premier Zhou ___ ENLAI
Former money in Spain PESETAS
Gave a hard time to PICKEDON
Gets droopy SAGS
Guitar amp effect ECHO
Gun-toting gp. NRA
Hot stuff ALLTHAT
Just plain dumb IDIOTIC
Kicks FUN
Clues Answers
Late magician Henning DOUG
Like 69 ODD
Like some refills FREE
Macbeth, and others THANES
Makes a gradual transition EASESIN
Mauna ___ (macadamia nut brand) LOA
Mrs. Peacock's game CLUE
Perfume maker, really? OLFACTORYWORKER
Permanent hairdo? WIG
Persian's place IRAN
Plato of "Diff'rent Strokes" DANA
Pointy SHARP
Prefix for -gon OCTA
Pursuing AFTER
Ques. counterpart ANS
Review of a long-ago hit as "really bothersome"? OLDIETRYING
Santana highlights GUITARSOLOS
Senegalese singer Youssou ___ NDOUR
Six-legged hauler ANT
Sleek swimmer OTTER
Slip up ERR
Sounds from a toy poodle YIPS
Summer, in Saint-Tropez ETE
Tell-all book where Popeye's girl admits she loved Bluto? OLIVEGOTASECRET
Temple site near Luxor KARNAK
Tennis great Chris and family EVERTS
Three before LBJ HST
TLA sometimes paired with LOL OMG
Unit of force DYNE
Walked over TRODON
Waxy buildup site EARS
Welcome, as houseguests SEEIN
Word before cow or horse SEA
___ kwon do TAE
___ with everything BEONE
___-faire SAVOIR