The Washington Post - Mar 16 2022

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Clues Answers
'12 Days' septet SWANS
'A Gallery of Children' author MILNE
'Avatar' race NAVI
'Check it out!' GOSEE
'Hey' assistant SIRI
'Zeus and the Tortoise' storyteller AESOP
*Crunchy salad add-in WHEATBERRY
*Granny Smith, e.g GREENAPPLE
*Monday NFL contests, e.g NIGHTGAMES
*Multi-field athletic venue SPORTSPARK
*View from the Oval Office ROSEGARDEN
26-Down group ABBA
53-Down's firstborn SHEM
ABA member ATT
Analyze in a grammar lesson PARSE
Architect's work DESIGN
Atlanta campus EMORY
Baby Moses' river NILE
Berth place PIER
Biblical builder NOAH
Bit of RAM MEG
Block party item? LEGO
Breakfast items EGGS
Come together MERGE
Dances like the one seen in 'Evita' TANGOS
Drink with formaggio VINO
Econ. barometers GDPS
Email tab SENT
Face with tears of joy, for one EMOJI
First stage ONSET
Food court pizza seller SBARRO
Front-end car cover BRA
Garden pest APHID
Grafton who wrote 25 'Alphabet Mystery' books SUE
Granola relative MUESLI
Heaps ALOT
Hornswoggle DUPE
Joint malady GOUT
Clues Answers
Keto and South Beach DIETS
Lea grazer EWE
Light-loving flier MOTH
Like a sprint winner SPEEDIEST
Massage spots SPAS
Memo abbr ASAP
Newspaper VIPs EDS
Observer EYER
Originate (from) STEM
Pain soother BALM
Palindromic 33-Down hit SOS
Perth put-offs NAES
Quarterback-turned-analyst Tony ROMO
Seemingly forever EON
Semi-hard cheese EDAM
Snake River jumper Knievel EVEL
Spa sound AAH
Stare in wonder GAPE
State capital on its own river DESMOINES
Sub contractor? DELI
Swed. neighbor NORW
Symbol for turning traffic ARROW
Tech sch. near Albany, N.Y RPI
Texas ranger? STEER
Thai or Laotian ASIAN
The Boston Bruins retired his #4 in 1979 ORR
Toothpaste choice GEL
Transvaal settler BOER
Verve ELAN
Video call option SKYPE
Villain's welcome HISS
Vintage MTV staple VIDEO
Visibly awed AGOG
What happens on March 20, 2022, at 11:33 a.m. ... and what both parts of the answers to starred clues are WINTERENDS
Windows navigation aids TABS
WWI German vice admiral SPEE
__ guitar AIR