New York Times - Mar 5 2022

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Clues Answers
"Calvin and Hobbes" character described as "a six-year-old who shaves" MOE
"Doing OK for myself" IGETBY
"Duck Soup," for one FARCE
"Hairspray" co-composer Shaiman MARC
"I don't believe you" PROVEIT
"Not a chance" FORGETABOUTIT
"Same" SODOI
"The Jungle Book" character BALOO
"Uh-huh" RIGHT
Additive once extracted from kelp MSG
Animal that climbs cactuses to eat their flowers IGUANA
Answer rudely SNAPAT
Attempt to play peacemaker STEPIN
Bother PEST
Chancellor Scholz of Germany OLAF
Common bake-off challenge TART
Contracting sheet ICECAP
Costa, to a botanist RIB
Counsel council, in brief ABA
Course option ENTREE
Easily bought VENAL
Expression ending with a rising voice MOI
Fictional device in which to convey secret information CONEOFSILENCE
Fretted STEWED
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Green lands LEAS
Green light NOD
Halter? SENTRY
Imitation MOCK
Imperturbable STOIC
Incapacitate MAIM
Inits. for East Germany DDR
It's booked before getting caught FLIGHT
Clues Answers
Kind of scrum MEDIA
Kind of wave SINE
Leaches SAPS
Letters on a pass VIP
Like a dewlap SAGGY
Low dice roll ONES
Many a Pablo Neruda work LOVEPOEM
Much of Iceland's greenery MOSS
Needle exchange? FRIENDLYBANTER
Org. created in the wake of "Silent Spring" EPA
Pertinent ONPOINT
Play mind games with PSYCHOUT
Rat out TELLON
Reversible patterned fabrics DAMASKS
Robe for a sumo wrestler KIMONO
Rule to take exception to TYRANNY
Ryan of "You've Got Mail" MEG
Scooched over MADEROOM
Something to meditate on? YOGAMAT
Spanish term of endearment PAPI
Sparkling alternative STILL
Steamed masa dishes TAMALES
Surname in a Virginia Woolf title DALLOWAY
Takes responsibility for OWNS
Tesla, for one NIKOLA
They may be dealt or folded ARMS
Time constant symbol TAU
Traditional filling for momo (Nepalese dumplings) YAK
Unlikely to tip STURDY
Word often seen in comic book lettering KAPOW
Word shortcuts ELISIONS
Wrap order? ANDSCENE
___ Teng, singer dubbed "Asia's eternal queen of pop" TERESA