New York Times - Nov 17 2001

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Clues Answers
'Espolio' artist ELGRECO
'No man is ___ to his valet' AHERO
'Splendor in the Grass' Oscar winner INGE
'Vette feature, perhaps TTOP
1987-95 Senate Judiciary Committee head BIDEN
1994 Grammy co-winner for 'Talking Timbuktu' RYCOODER
1996-98 'Crossfire' co-host FERRARO
Affirmative action NODDING
Annual honoree's inits. MLK
Atlas abbr. ISL
Attends as an outsider SITSINON
Back AGO
Bank protector? SANDBAG
Bass ___ VIOL
Business card abbr. TEL
Circus sights TENTS
Circus sound OOH
Cut some more, maybe REEDIT
Deep dish TUREEN
Dog tail? APSO
Features of certain British stories LIFTS
First Peace Corps director SHRIVER
Ford family forename EDSEL
Frolicking fauna OTTERS
Further TOO
Haberdasher's suggestion TRYITON
Head site BEER
Indian honorific SRI
Indonesian outriggers PROAS
Is hopping mad SEESRED
Jacks, e.g. ASSES
Jai alai balls PELOTAS
Kind of inn WAYSIDE
Kind of power NTH
Clues Answers
Like chestnuts STALE
Mania source of the 1630's TULIP
Michael Jordan gets a lot of it HANGTIME
Not at all nice ORNERY
One of a matching pair HERS
Pan, e.g. GREEKGOD
Parent, e.g. REARER
Pass out SWOON
Persist in STANDTO
Physical conductors: Abbr. DRS
Poetic contraction TIS
Preceded LEDUPTO
Preindicates BODES
Prisoner punishment place SWEATBOX
Redecorate DOOVER
Reproductions of a sort XEROXES
Security datum IDNUMBER
Ships to a far-off place? UFOS
Single fist? DUKE
Something that may be charmed? NECKLACE
Sound of a dud PHFFFT
Strike out FAN
Subsequently SINCE
They may be heightened SENSES
They're raised on farms BARNS
Try to avoid arrest, perhaps SKIPTOWN
Tuscany export CHIANTI
Tuscany tourist city PISA
Western ___ OMELET
Winning sign VEE
Wouldn't admit KEPTOUT