L.A. Times Daily - Sep 13 2010

Clues Answers
"¿Cómo __ usted?" ESTA
"Lord, __?": Last Supper question ISITI
"So's __ old man!" YER
"The Greatest Show on Earth" promoters BARNUMANDBAILEY
"The Simpsons" storekeeper APU
'50s political monogram DDE
1,000 kilograms TONNE
Adjust to the desired wake-up time, as an alarm SET
Air gun ammo BBS
Banned bug spray DDT
Bar bill TAB
Baseball card data STATS
Basis of an invention IDEA
Baton-passing event RELAY
Be __ model: exemplify grace in success AROLE
Beachgoer's shade TAN
Beauty's beloved BEAST
Before long BYANDBY
Caustic remark BARB
Celtic priest of old DRUID
Certain sib BRO
Commotion ADO
Consequences of a minor accident, perhaps BUMPSANDBRUISES
Cozy inn whose abbreviation is a hint to this puzzle's theme BEDANDBREAKFAST
Crime lab evidence, briefly DNA
Damascus' land: Abbr. SYR
Dancer Castle IRENE
Delhi dress SARI
Emotional shock TRAUMA
Enter stealthily EDGEIN
FDR or JFK, politically DEM
G.I.'s group USARMY
Genesis tower locale BABEL
Gently slips past EASESBY
Get noticed BESEEN
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Greek island where Minos ruled CRETE
Clues Answers
Green gem JADE
Half-full or half-empty item GLASS
Hertz auto, e.g. RENTAL
Hide's partner SEEK
Hideous sorts OGRES
High spot APEX
Horse's stride GAIT
Lead-in to girl or boy ATTA
Less than 90 degrees, anglewise ACUTE
Like EEE shoes WIDE
Mythical man-goat SATYR
No-show in a Beckett play GODOT
Of days gone by OLDEN
Off-color BAWDY
Payola, e.g. BRIBE
Place for cookies JAR
Pond gunk SCUM
Product improvement slogan BIGGERANDBETTER
River of Flanders YSER
Ruler marking INCH
Runs easily TROTS
Sharp punch JAB
Skin: Suff. DERM
Smudge-proof, like mascara NORUN
Span of history ERA
Spun CDs at a party DJED
Tennis do-overs LETS
Tolerate ABIDE
Tones one's body GETSFIT
Totally dreadful ABYSMAL
Use a Singer SEW
Use emery on ABRADE
Wide-open space EXPANSE
Winona of "Edward Scissorhands" RYDER
Word with ghost or boom TOWN
__ decongestant NASAL
__ fit: tantrum HISSY