New York Times - Feb 16 2022

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Clues Answers
"Cheap Thrills" singer, 2016 SIA
"Confound it!" DARN
"The Lorax" author SEUSS
"The Problem With ___" (documentary related to "The Simpsons") APU
"Understood" ISEE
"You there!" PSST
"___ Homo" (Nietzsche book) ECCE
After quite some time YEARSLATER
Author Jonathan Safran ___ FOER
Ballet bend PLIE
Before, to Shakespeare ERE
Big hit SMASH
Carrot's counterpart STICK
Characteristic TRAIT
Cherubic god EROS
Children's author who wrote "People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day" MILNE
Complaining about social media on Facebook, say IRONY
Cowardly Lion portrayer LAHR
Cry for help SAVEUS
Devoid of pleasure JOYLESS
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Dog doc VET
Doughnut shapes TORI
Employer USER
Envy source in Genesis 37 that hints at 18-, 24-, 49- and 58-Across COATOFMANYCOLORS
Features of some bike helmets VISORS
First Native American tribe to meet with Lewis and Clark OTOE
Foot bones TARSI
Frasier's brother on "Frasier" NILES
French trick-taking game ECARTE
Freshly ANEW
Get ready PREP
Gives a hand AIDS
Highlighter shades NEONS
Hindi for "palace" MAHAL
Important part ACTIVEROLE
Key that's never used alone: Abbr CTRL
Letter after theta IOTA
Like prunes vis-à-vis plums DRIER
Clues Answers
Lima's home OHIO
Line when you're late to the punch line OHIGETIT
Mischievous fairy PIXIE
Most likely to preen VAINEST
Mushrooms produce them SPORES
Nondairy milk option OAT
Nonstudio film INDIE
Plug receptacle JACK
Prognosticate with a crystal ball SCRY
Promise that one will PLEDGETO
R.B.'s stat YDS
Really bothered ATEAT
Rocky debris SCREE
Rose of Guns N' Roses AXL
Rough up MAUL
Santa ___, Calif ANA
Secular LAIC
Sedgwick of "The Closer" KYRA
Sign of a packed house SRO
Signs of saints HALOS
Simu ___, star of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" LIU
Some sushi menu fish YELLOWTAILS
Speak disrespectfully to SASS
Steve with eight N.B.A. championships KERR
Stun gun TASER
Tech review site CNET
That ship HER
They're placed in locks OARS
Traditional folk song played by British and Australian ice cream trucks GREENSLEEVES
Train units CARS
Upside, when down SILVERLINING
Verdi opera originally titled "Amore e Morte" ("Love and Death") LATRAVIATA
Weak hit BLOOP
What sex does, they say SELLS
Worker designation coined by Upton Sinclair WHITECOLLAR
X1, M2 and i3 BMWS
___ Lingus AER