New York Times - Dec 18 2021

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Clues Answers
"Britain's first family of harmony," per Brian Wilson BEEGEES
"Capeesh?" YAHEAR
"Dallas" or "Atlanta" TVSERIES
"Didn't expect that to happen!" WELLDAMN
"Hey man, listen up ..." DIGTHIS
"Let's stop. Is this really necessary?" CANWENOT
"Not so fast!" THINKAGAIN
"___, me!" YAY
Actress Nicole ___ Parker ARI
Alternative to a Lamborghini BUGATTI
Basic framework BONES
Biden and Harris, once: Abbr SENS
Buffaloed ATALOSS
Challenge for a free soloist CRAG
Champagne ___, one of Drake's nicknames PAPI
Colin Kaepernick was one, familiarly NINER
Complete a sentence, say DOTIME
Crop circles, e.g PATTERNS
Doesn't delete LEAVESIN
Eastern honorific SAN
English adjective that becomes a French noun when an accent is added MERE
Firsts in flight TESTPILOTS
Flavor similar to fennel ANISE
Funeral fixtures BIERS
Furnish with feathers, as an arrow FLETCH
Go out of business? RETIRE
Goes off RANTS
Heavens ETHER
Industrial dept RANDD
Info for a group of performers SETLIST
Kids might make a stand for this LEMONADE
Kind of exam with an "Auditing and Attestation" section CPA
Lead-in to a grave pronouncement NOWMORETHANEVER
Clues Answers
Main ingredient in the Japanese dish tekkadon TUNA
Modern-day put-down popularized by a 2019 TikTok video OKBOOMER
Not-so-common extension DOTNET
Nowhere near engaged BORED
One way to the top STAIRS
Opposite of ginormous ITSY
Pieces together? SUITE
Princess ___, main role in Pixar's "A Bug's Life" ATTA
Print examiner, for short CSI
Pro group? AYES
Puts on ADDS
Resort locale east of Snowbird ALTA
Scratch-off success INSTANTWIN
See 29-Across HERE
Separate DIVERGE
Something promoted on the front of a magazine COVERSTORY
Speak loudly and harshly BRAY
Spree TOOT
Stress specialist? POET
Terrible review NOSTARS
The point of writing? PERIOD
Top-___ TIER
Treats often topped with caviar BLINI
Two things in Broadway's "Dear Evan Hansen" ACTS
Unit of firewood STERE
Vintage eight-track purchases, maybe TRAINSETS
Visibly shows embarrassment ISRED
Wade in the Baseball Hall of Fame BOGGS
What may come as a relief? ALOE
What's at home on the range? FRYINGPAN
With 51-Across, package recipient's cry ITS
Wonderful review RAVE
___ Stadium, longtime home of college football's Hula Bowl ALOHA