Irish Times (Simplex) - Mar 1 2022

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Clues Answers
A movable object on the set of a play or film PROP
African antelopes with twisted horns ELANDS
Alter appearance to conceal identity DISGUISE
Appreciably cold CHILLY
Asian medicine man SHAMAN
Base on which a statue or column stands PEDESTAL
Biblical prophet thrown into the lion's den DANIEL
Branch of the security forces POLICE
Cooked so it's firm when bitten ALDENTE
Correct formal or diplomatic etiquette PROTOCOL
Descriptive words or phrases EPITHETS
Detachment for security or reconnaissance PATROL
Dishes covered with breadcrumbs or grated cheese AUGRATIN
Drawing before something has made DESIGN
Dries bun badly for one of two growths on a male face SIDEBURN
Expressing one's view OPINING
Clues Answers
His non-violent resistance helped end British rule in India GANDHI
Large striped felines TIGERS
Market place around a fortress in a N African town CASBAH
Not causing death NONFATAL
Of the inside INTERNAL
Receptacle for an everyday beverage TEACADDY
Regulating device for maintaining uniform speed in an engine GOVERNOR
Ribbon stretched across the finishing line on a race track TAPE
Saucer-shaped object that spins when thrown FRISBEE
Shape or number FIGURE
State firmly and positively AVER
Strange, odd PECULIAR
The ... of the fittest (Darwinian evolutionary theory) SURVIVAL
The right to formally reject a proposal VETO
Usually, though not always ASARULE
Very early calculator ABACUS