Universal - Feb 28 2022

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Clues Answers
"... happily ___ after" EVER
"Aladdin" frame CEL
"Crazy Taxi" game maker SEGA
"Fiddlesticks!" PSHAW
"Frozen" character who sings "Let It Go" ELSA
"Just joking!" IKID
"So relaxing!" AAH
"Star Trek" captain KIRK
"___ woman, hear me roar" IAM
9-Across, e.g RESIN
Activist ___ B. Wells IDA
Airport NW of LAX SFO
Alternative to Allure ELLE
Android competitor IOS
Animal that brays ASS
Annoying sorts TWITS
Apt rhyme of "Sweet!" NEAT
Bassoon insert REED
Be head over heels for ADORE
Bedtime story character in a nightgown WEEWILLIEWINKIE
Bit of boron, say ATOM
Bundle of hay BALE
Cake vessel PAN
Calf-length skirt MIDI
Caterpillar, for one LARVA
Certain pig HOG
Character weakness FLAW
Choice words? ORS
Cincinnati MLB team REDS
Computer name partially chosen to precede Apple alphabetically AMIGA
Country star Reba MCENTIRE
Dinosaur DNA preserver in "Jurassic Park" AMBER
Evaluate ASSESS
Fencing blade EPEE
Ferris wheel or log flume, e.g RIDE
Financial aid consideration NEED
Fold up, as a tray table STOW
For better or for ___ WORSE
Hardly prudent RASH
Clues Answers
Hearts or diamonds SUIT
Helpful character in a Nintendo exercise game WIIFITTRAINER
Historical period ERA
Island ESE of Oahu MAUI
It shares Lake Victoria with Tanzania and Kenya UGANDA
Japanese camera brand NIKON
Jete, say, in ballet LEAP
Lambs' fathers RAMS
Lambs' mothers EWES
Listing type? ITALIC
Meat in Wiener schnitzel VEAL
Name within the solar system? LARS
Nickname that's three consecutive letters STU
Nonreactive INERT
Not just willing EAGER
Offers as a price ASKS
Org. with cryptographers NSA
Palindromic sib SIS
Piano player's warmup SCALE
Polite French affirmative OUIMADEMOISELLE
Popular toffee bar SKOR
Prosper THRIVE
Purple Polynesian paste POI
Roller-coaster rider's cry WHEETHISISFUN
Santa ___ Freeway ANA
Scratched (out) EKED
Small taste of cocoa SIP
Smear holy oil on ANOINT
Spoken for TAKEN
Swindler's accomplice SHILL
Tally lines MARKS
Tanks and tees, say TOPS
To and ___ FRO
Tool for edging a flower bed SPADE
Version ripe for revision DRAFT
Visits SEES
Went up and down SEESAWED
Wrath IRE
Zodiac twins GEMINI