The Washington Post - Feb 27 2022

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Clues Answers
'Don't back down, bro!' MANUP
'Don't think so' IBET
'Elements of Algebra' author EULER
'First Lady of Song' ELLA
'Ghost Story' author Peter STRAUB
'Give me some gossip!' ... and a hint to this puzzle's sets of circles, which affect four Across answers SPILLTHETEA
'Gotcha' sounds AHS
'High Rollers' co-host __ Lee RUTA
'Mr. __': Rami Malek drama ROBOT
'Play it cool' ACTCASUAL
'Star Wars' nickname ANI
'Thank the Lord!' PRAISEBE
'That's wrong __ many levels' ONSO
'The Crocodile' of early tennis RENELACOSTE
'The Misery Index' network TBS
'You know the __' DRILL
'__ Holiday': opening section of Copland's 'Rodeo' BUCKAROO
23andMe discovery ANCESTOR
70-Across nephew FRODO
90-Down's improv SCAT
Alert on the road HONKAT
Amtrak speedster ACELA
Apple runs on it IOS
Berry in a bowl ACAI
Blow a fuse LOSEIT
Boarding precedes it: Abbr ETD
Bulgarian's neighbor SERB
Café freebie EAU
Cap with a pompon TAM
CD precursors LPS
Certain carton components EGGCUPS
Channel changer REMOTE
Chef's protection APRON
Chinese for 'black dragon' OOLONG
Classic U.K. sports cars MGS
Comparative data diagram BARGRAPH
Completely different situation AWHOLEOTHLGAME
Convened in METAT
Dad's referral? GOASKMOM
Daybreaks DAWNS
De __: again NOVO
Designer Ashley OLSEN
Duchamp, for one DADAIST
Entrance porch STOOP
Fett in 'The Mandalorian' BOBA
First woman to be named Doctor of the Church, briefly STTERESA
Flings HURLS
Flood shelter ARK
Foil relatives EPEES
Following POSSE
Forbid BAN
Foretell AUGUR
Garlic genus ALLIUM
Gawk at OGLE
German 'Alas!' ACH
Get plastered TOPE
Good name, briefly REP
Got a move on HASTENED
Gucci of fashion ALDO
Half a martial art TAI
Hammer parts PEENS
Hanukkah top DREIDEL
Hot state IRE
How three nursery-rhyme merchants went to sea INATUB
ID on many returns SSN
Idea that spreads in a culture MEME
Identical SAME
Clues Answers
Indian flatbread ROTI
Instruction TRAINING
Intimidate, with 'down' STARE
JFK predecessor DDE
Just make, with 'out' EKE
Kendrick with a Pulitzer LAMAR
Kind of pig that's not a pig GUINEA
Laker legend, familiarly KOBE
Laser pointer chaser CAT
Lets out, say ALTERS
Like a romantic dinner, in Paris ADEUX
Like some cornered kings MATED
Like some remedies HERBAL
Luzon, for one: Abbr ISL
Maiden name preceder NEE
Make drinkable, as seawater DESALT
Middle-earth ring bearer BILBGGINS
Most of the 2010s OBAMAERA
Most sentimental WEEPIEST
New Deal agcy NRA
Night before EVE
Nos. for alums YRS
Often abbreviated reaction to information overload TODIDNTREAD
On the lam ATLARGE
ORD posting ETA
Org. with many returns IRS
Paris article LES
Paris gal pal AMIE
Penicillium, e.g MOLD
Piedmont bubbly ASTI
Prefix with treat or giving MIS
Prepare, as beans SOAK
Putting __ GREEN
Résumé alert about an unfinished goal DEGOTCOMPLETED
Reunion attendees AUNTS
Ruckus ADO
See 91-Across NOSE
Sellers of KAFFEREP cinnamon buns IKEAS
Serf of Sparta HELOT
Short on iron, maybe ANEMIC
Soybeans served in the pod EDAMAME
Span of a scale with three sharps ATOA
Sultan's group HAREM
Teen dystopian novel narrator KATNISS
That, in Madrid ESA
They can be tricky to run into EXES
Thompson of Marvel movies TESSA
Tokyo airport NARITA
Tory adversary WHIG
Total removals ERADICATIONS
Trailer follower MOVIE
Trivia night settings PUBS
Type of diet that might replace potatoes with cauliflower LOWCARB
Ukulele ridge FRET
Votes against NOS
What Rickey Henderson often beat THETAG
With 6-Down, Rudolph's guiding light RED
Word with words or chance LAST
Zoom annoyance TIMELAG
__ B'rith BNAI
__ de' Medici, first de facto Lord of Florence COSIMO
__ in Charlie CAS
__ the line TOE
__-Ball SKEE
___ Technica: tech news website ARS