USA Today - Mar 30 2022

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Clues Answers
'Absolutely right!' AMEN
'American Woman' actress Kirke LOLA
'Come on, ___ be fun!' ITLL
'Spring forward' period (Abbr.) DST
'The Crossroads of America' INDIANA
'This way!' OVERHERE
Arcade coin TOKEN
Art class goop GLUE
Bar connecting a pair of wheels AXLE
Before surgery, for short PREOP
Brand of frozen waffles EGGO
Brings to a close ENDS
Button clicked after composing an email SEND
Central belief TENET
Chewy candy GUMDROP
Comedy's counterpart DRAMA
Common seasoning SEASALT
Construction area SITE
Coup d'___ ETAT
Covering often made with bridal illusion tulle VEIL
Crossword hint CLUE
Ctrl-Z command UNDO
Eatery with booths DINER
Elite group of celebs ALIST
Family tree subject ANCESTRY
Far from ritzy SEEDY
Free throw's path ARC
Gets less taut SAGS
Held in high regard ADMIRED
Impatient to get started EAGER
Impressive achievement FEAT
Includes on an email CCS
Jo or Amy, to Aunt March NIECE
Kappa maki or tekka maki SUSHI
Landscaping rolls SOD
Light and fluffy dessert SPONGECAKE
Like Atanarjuat FAST
Like sticky buns RICH
Make an exchange SWAP
Clues Answers
Masala ___ CHAI
Metallic resource ORE
Minecraft explosive TNT
Miso soup lure AROMA
More attention-grabbing version of a meow YOWL
More overcast GRAYER
Morse code units DOTS
Not giving up HANGINGON
Obtained GOT
Olympic gold medalist Coachman ALICE
One with foresight SEER
Pac-12 sch. in Tempe ASU
PC drive insert CDROM
Period to focus on yourself ALONETIME
Pomelo peels RINDS
Prefix for 'sexual' or 'present' OMNI
Private instructor TUTOR
Public audition OPENCALL
Puffer jacket, for example COAT
Quaint word of surprise EGAD
Regarding ASTO
Retinoids can make them look smaller PORES
Rips to pieces RENDS
Rub with a cloth WIPE
Sauce for capellini PESTO
Scratching post visitors CATS
Seasoned pro OLDHAND
Segment PART
Skin care products TONERS
Some docs MDS
Timeline segments ERAS
Triumphed in a match WONTHEGAME
Vegetable moo ___ SHU
Was coming down in buckets, for example RAINED
Waters' rank in 'A Soldier's Story' (Abbr.) SGT
___ 2020 (world's fair held in Dubai) EXPO
___ cabbage (kimchi ingredient) NAPA
___ Lanka SRI
___ Moines DES