L.A. Times Daily - Aug 22 2010

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Clues Answers
"A Paper Life" autobiographer ONEAL
"Children, Go Where __ Thee": spiritual ISEND
"Dragnet" gp. LAPD
"Ginger __": 1952 Newbery Medal-winning book PYE
"Hang on __" ASEC
"Mamma Mia" number SOS
"SNL" announcer PARDO
"Sorry, can't" NOPE
"Tootsie" role winner LANGE
"Unto the Sons" novelist TALESE
1952 Jane Russell film THELASVEGASSTORY
21-Across are taken on it WITNESSSTAND
36-Across right? ISNT
50-Across wrong? AINT
A choir may sing in it UNISON
A TV Maverick BRET
AAA part: Abbr. ASSN
Afflictions ILLS
All worked up INALATHER
Applying to all ACROSSTHEBOARD
Archipelago units ISLES
Arp contemporary ERNST
Arrivals at home, perhaps RUNS
Backs up SAVES
Bad way to be led ASTRAY
Badger's st. WIS
Ball role MAME
Big rig compartment CAB
Boardwalk cooler SEABREEZE
Born NEE
Bribes, with "off" PAYS
Bridge immortal GOREN
Bring aboard HIRE
Brings down the house? RAZES
Bronze __ STAR
Córdoba kisses BESOS
Chair designer Charles EAMES
Chowderheads DOPES
Collar NAB
Controversial explosion ATEST
Corp. moneymen CFOS
Cuts the crop REAPS
Deli array MEAT
Devils' playground? RINK
Didn't outrace anyone RANLAST
Disdainful glance SNEER
Dish alternative TVANTENNA
Dorm bosses, briefly RAS
Draft choices ALES
Dutch big wheel? GOUDA
Earlier flight hidden in the seven longest puzzle answers SST
Ed of "Lou Grant" ASNER
eHarmony category LIKES
Engineer Nikola TESLA
Even start? EQUI
Exerts influence PULLSSTRINGS
Falana of "Golden Boy" LOLA
Florida resort island SANIBEL
Formal promises OATHS
Get a load of AMASS
Go off the deep end SNAP
Goes on and on JABBERS
Grafton's "__ for Burglar" BIS
Group for people in labor? UNION
Gymnast Korbut et al. OLGAS
Having no screws loose? SANE
Ice cream thickeners AGARS
In addition ATTHAT
Clues Answers
It often precedes technicalities MERE
It's elegant when turned PHRASE
It's over for Hans UBER
Italian wine city ASTI
Jun. grads SRS
Let down, as hair UNPIN
Like a hard-to-fill order TALL
Limit of a kind QUOTA
List of rounds BARTAB
Lott of Mississippi TRENT
Lou Grant's ex EDIE
Madagascan lemurs AYEAYES
Mama of pop CASS
Mer filler EAU
Military overstock seller ARMYSURPLUSSTORE
More of the same, briefly ETC
More put out SORER
Moth tail? EATEN
New Balance competitor AVIA
Nickname at the Derby BLUEGRASSSTATE
Nile home of an historic stone ROSETTA
Notice ESPY
Novelist Nin ANAIS
Often critical innings NINTHS
Old Venetian elder DOGE
Opposite of NNW SSE
Part of a chorus line? TRA
Pepper, e.g.: Abbr. SGT
Pitch-related TONAL
Places under siege BESETS
Play the siren SEDUCE
Pod fillers PEAS
Postgame recap? ILOST
Pro foe ANTI
Purim's month ADAR
R&B singer __ Marie TEENA
Radar signal BLIP
Raring to go UPFORIT
Ray Stevens's "Ahab the __" ARAB
Reason for a court replay LET
Reminder of an old flame? ASH
Restaurateur Toots SHOR
Risky rendezvous TRYST
River to the Rhône AIN
Road topper TAR
Sail, with "off" SHOVE
Sales chart metaphors PIES
Sales rep's gadget PAGER
San Bernardino suburb LOMALINDA
Satisfaction of a sort ATONEMENT
Sean of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy ASTIN
Shop item TOOL
Skin soother ALOE
Slow Churned ice cream brand EDYS
Spanish bread EURO
Spot for a strike LANE
Start of an Andy Capp toast ERES
Stock holder? BARN
Stonewall Jackson et al. REBS
Tens neighbor ONES
The Beavers of the Pac-10 OSU
The same as always UNALTERED
Time for carols YULE
Turner on the screen LANA
Unschooled signers XERS
Uses an icepack on NUMBS
Ventura County town who name means "the river" ELRIO
Yoo-__: beverage HOO
You might have a hand in it MITT
___ railway COG