Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 22 2022

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Clues Answers
A certain approach from Orangemen with no ego MANNER
A scoop of rice came prepared ICECREAM
Bail into complex for a drink LIBATION
Brings up Pat, Daniel and Clare in movement where one is bound to get loads of clicks TAPDANCE
Burmese confused over initially suggesting - is Bury under water? SUBMERSE
Charges for producing mugs locally ASSAULTS
Gangster club goes to waste - lacking a leader, it's a source of frustration that one has to carry ALBATROSS
Hooded killer found in The Palace - the one managed by the yoga teacher while meditating KINGCOBRA
It's an eye-opener - Paul has a female take on being employed by military tailor with rank? EPAULETTE
It's well said that speech without an introduction can be stylish, in a manner of speaking LOCUTION
Lead Belly and One Direction at The Point with The Animals? BEASTS
Myths about open bar used by the mathematicians TABLES
Out of control snake charmer, the ultimate swine WILDBOAR
Peter out of line dismissing arithmetic? CEASE
Clues Answers
Popular record by tenor is not up to scratch? INEPT
Posts from test pilots - indeed? TITLE
Profit from a mask in a manner of speaking AVAIL
Recent arrivals provided fresh information about kind of loser NEWBORNS
Sexist boss hasn't gone away EXISTS
Speculator misses cues from task force PATROL
Stop living in 23 down - get two-state solution in 7 down almost CEASETOEXIST
The Count in summer produced sample of the menu from The Centre POLLEN
The man upstairs just recognises what the future holds, as the saying goes GODONLYKNOWS
The odd bear or delivery from a stork briefly in short tree BAOBAB
The proper way to chew the fat perhaps in 19 down mostly with 8 down on bender TABLEMANNERS
Vet in a bad mood is the first to question the evidence in court CROSSEXAMINE
Wine to shift in big village local? TOWNIE
Woo Sean Duff's mistress COURTESAN