Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 26 2022

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Clues Answers
"May — you?" IHELP
"Once — a time ..." UPON
Actor Cumming ALAN
Actor LaBeouf SHIA
Apprehends NABS
Arctic explorer John RAE
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
Bigwigs NABOBS
Bistro handout MENU
Blood vessel VEIN
Capote nickname TRU
Carpet type SHAG
Cell centers NUCLEI
China setting ASIA
Crib BIN
Diarist Frank ANNE
Dime portrait FDR
Earth Day mo APR
Eat an entire pie, say PIGOUT
Entreaty PLEA
Envelope part FLAP
Enzyme suffix ASE
Estate recipient HEIR
Golf props TEES
GPS suggestion RTE
Haberdashery buys SHIRTS
Harvard rival YALE
Honker HORN
Infamous tsar IVAN
John of Monty Python CLEESE
Land in la mer ILE
Clues Answers
Magnanimousness GENEROSITY
Nothing, in Nantes RIEN
Notion IDEA
Novelist Hunter EVAN
Observe SEE
Otherwise ELSE
Pop star IDOL
Popular card game UNO
Private teacher TUTOR
QB stats TDS
Ragamuffin WAIF
Saigon soup PHO
Shade of yellow CANARY
Showbiz job GIG
Showroom sample DEMO
Soul, to Sartre AME
Standard PAR
Stanford, for one UNIVERSITY
Stately dance MINUET
Summer cooler FAN
Swiss cheese feature HOLE
Tehran's country IRAN
Three, on a sundial III
Tiki bar necklace LEI
Top invitees ALIST
Trig function SINE
Unctuous OILY
Undulating WAVY
Young — (tots) UNS
Yuletide tune NOEL