Universal - Feb 15 2022

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Clues Answers
"Hello" singer ADELE
"In my opinion ..." IDSAY
"Narcos" org DEA
"Seriously!" NOLIE
"Toodles!" TATA
"Toy Story" antagonist SID
"Yech!" EWW
"___ This Old House" (PBS show) ASK
*Airport security channel? TSANETWORK
*Package arriving for a Catholic celebration? NAMEDAYDELIVERY
*Wedding bands? UNIONRINGS
12 letters? XII
Academic's happy place IVORYTOWER
Anger IRE
Anjous and Boscs PEARS
Apt name for a psychic? DESTINY
Author McEwan IAN
Beehive State native UTE
Beginning, in an idiom ... or a hint to the starred clues' answers, pre-transformation SOUP
Big bother ADO
Billiards need CUE
Billions of years EONS
Black Panther Bobby SEALE
Bump, as a toe STUB
Carl who influenced "2001: A Space Odyssey" SAGAN
Check recipient PAYEE
Co. with brown trucks UPS
Combo meal drinks SODAS
Course with dressing SALAD
Dishonest person SNEAK
Eco-friendly bulb variety LED
Elite guests ALIST
Empathetic words ICARE
End, in an idiom ... or a hint to the starred clues' answers NUTS
Energize, with "up" AMP
Enthusiastic approval OHYES
Financial expert Suze ORMAN
Fingers' rhythmic sound SNAP
Clues Answers
Food concern ECOLI
Formerly named NEE
Gifts used for writing PENSETS
Give off, as hormones SECRETE
GladRags or Always product PAD
Kristen of "Welcome to Me" WIIG
Lav, in Liverpool LOO
Layer TIER
Loyal subject LIEGE
Mailed SENT
Mary ___ Lincoln TODD
Mattress brand that anagrams to "a rest" SERTA
Michael Caine's title SIR
Milo's pug pal OTIS
One may start with "What if we ..." IDEA
Paperless greeting ECARD
People whose soldiers had alpaca capes INCA
Pinot grigio, e.g WINE
Record player inserts DISCS
Red Roof ___ (hotel chain) INN
Rodents in experiments LABRATS
Samsung competitor SONY
Sci-fi beings ETS
Show Ariana DeBose hosted in '22 SNL
Sigma follower TAU
Skewered Thai dish SATAY
Sticky black stuff TAR
Texas Roadhouse specialty STEAK
Tilling tool HOE
Top rating, often TEN
Train whistle sounds TOOTS
Trumpet, e.g HORN
Twirl SPIN
Undesirable thing to draw SHORTSTRAW
Unkind adjective that some feminists have reclaimed NASTY
Worthiness MERIT
___ carte ALA
___ crane (toy-grabbing machine) CLAW
___ ego ALTER