- Feb 14 2022

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Clues Answers
''Baby back'' barbecue servings RIBS
''Bald'' bird EAGLE
''Down'' direction on a map SOUTH
''Get lost!'' SCRAM
''Now it makes sense'' ISEE
''There's no place like __'' HOME
88-key instrument PIANO
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Actress Stone or Watson EMMA
Affectionate embraces HUGS
Affectionate greeting KISS
Affirmative replies YESES
Ambulance drivers: Abbr EMTS
Applaud CLAP
Becomes more mature AGES
Break suddenly SNAP
Bus terminal DEPOT
Candle's light GLOW
Change for a $5 bill ONES
Chinese lap dog, for short PEKE
Christmas season NOEL
Closest pal, in texting BFF
Corporate emblem LOGO
Cowpoke's lasso ROPE
Diamond weight measure CARAT
Enclosed, as a canary CAGED
Enormous HUGE
Freeze over ICEUP
General Motors' Michigan rival FORD
Gossipy story RUMOR
Group of naval vessels FLEET
Hand-struck drum BONGO
Have to MUST
HELLO MY __ IS (tag phrase) NAME
Houston baseballer ASTRO
Imported bubbly beverage FRENCHCHAMPAGNE
Interoffice note MEMO
Karate motion CHOP
Kitty or doggie PET
Clues Answers
Lambs' mothers EWES
Lobster cousin CRAB
Looks pleased SMILES
Mexican coin PESO
Mischievous sprite PIXIE
Muscle soreness ACHE
Northernmost New England state MAINE
Old movie heroine ''in distress'' DAMSEL
One-person performance SOLO
Passes, as legislation ENACTS
Presses clothing IRONS
Rested on a chair SAT
Rind of an orange PEEL
Run out, as subscriptions LAPSE
Sculptor's soft material CLAY
Seeds in cherries PITS
Sleep noisily SNORE
Sneaky scheme RUSE
Stand up RISE
Stare at OGLE
Start to unravel, as a towel FRAY
Sugary flavoring for a latte MOCHA
Sweet snacks in paper holders BOXOFCHOCOLATES
Top of a mountain ACME
Top of a mountain APEX
Turn on a single foot PIVOT
Untidy scene MESS
Vampire novelist Rice ANNE
Very fancy restaurant meal EXPENSIVEDINNER
Very funny person RIOT
Walks wearily PLODS
Was nourished by FEDON
What contact lenses cover EYES
When a plane is due in: Abbr ETA
Wide shoe width EEE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Word processor shortcuts MACROS
__ de Cologne EAU
__ for (chose) OPTED