The Washington Post - Feb 11 2022

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Clues Answers
'... but it isn't free' FORAPRICE
'A moveable feast,' to Hemingway PARIS
'Any man's death diminishes me' writer DONNE
'Fingers crossed' IHOPE
'Nice __!' TRY
'Smooth Operator' artist SADE
'__ by moonlight, proud Titania' : Shak ILLMET
Adds sepia to, say TINTS
Band with members Jimin and Jin BTS
Begins a round, with 'off' TEES
Bench press muscle DELT
Big letters in bowling AMF
Blacken a bit SEAR
Break into pieces FRAGMENT
Bugs address DOC
Bygone Devil Dog competitor SUZYQ
California coastal county MARIN
Cheesy Mexican appetizer QUESO
Choler IRE
Desire YEN
Division with A's ALWEST
Do the math, perhaps SUBTRACT
Energetic dances STOMPS
Envy, say SIN
Eventually become ENDUP
Fairy tale figure GIANT
Formality RITE
Function of a straw man? CROWCONTROL
Ginza agreement HAI
Grand __ PIANO
Hardly a libertine PRUDE
Is bullish? SNORTS
It precedes Romans ACTS
K2 locale ASIA
Leading STAR
Light courses SALADS
Clues Answers
Like art using circles, squares, etc GEOMETRIC
Low wind TUBA
Many August births LEOS
Maryland catch CRAB
Miso go-with, often UDON
Not subject to debate TRUE
Old coffeehouse drum BONGO
One found among blocks STREET
One-consonant parting ADIEU
Panache ZING
Play groups CASTS
Pop of punk IGGY
Prospero's servant ARIEL
QB feeder CTR
Related on mom's side ENATE
River in Flanders YSER
Scratching (out) EKING
Sean who played Samwise ASTIN
Shoeless Joe Jackson portrayer in 'Field of Dreams' RAYLIOTTA
Short jog ONEK
Silent assent ... or, in two parts, a hint to three long answers NOD
Something to do TASK
Super star NOVA
They work in lofty places PILOTS
Tie-up SNARL
Trim and graceful SLEEK
Troy, N.Y., campus RPI
Tusker as tutor? BOAROFEDUCATION
Unique LONE
University dept ENG
Vanquished BEAT
Wheels RIDE
Word with season or mind OPEN
Yogi's barber? BEARTRIMMER
__ May CAPE
__ orange NAVEL