USA Today - Mar 13 2022

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Clues Answers
'Copy that' NOTED
'Hurry up, we gotta go!' CMON
'In ___ of gifts . . .' LIEU
'Quiet, please!' SHH
'That's all ___ got' IVE
'That's enough!' STOP
'This doesn't ___ well' BODE
Actress de la Reguera ANA
Agile SPRY
Annoyances PESTS
Anti-parasite application for a dog FLEAPOWDER
Apply for legal remedy FILEAPETITION
Argan or jojoba OIL
Audit pro CPA
Bench in a cathedral PEW
Blustery wind GALE
Bookie's calculations ODDS
Building blocks of life CELLS
Cab fare calculator METER
Cake often made with ground nuts TORTE
Carries with effort LUGS
Casings for peas PODS
Caught a whiff of SMELLED
Chaotic brawl MELEE
Chinese checkers piece PEG
Creatures in Nepali folklore YETIS
Expression of sincere regret HUMBLEAPOLOGY
Extra-virgin ___ oil OLIVE
Fictional businessman Dimmadome DOUG
Gets a look at SEES
Hearty guffaw BELLYLAUGH
Insect drawn to bright lights MOTH
InStyle competitor ELLE
Just slightly ABIT
Letters on some BB creams SPF
Like avant-garde art EDGY
Like Japanese milk bread SOFT
Lineup of the best players ATEAM
Lowest-ranking British peers BARONS
Clues Answers
Men with knighthoods SIRS
Merit EARN
Microbrewery creations ALES
Newspapers, TV, etc MEDIA
Nose piercing type STUD
Not doing much IDLE
Old Roman outfits TOGAS
Orangutan or chimp APE
Pagoda roof part TILE
Place for the sun and the moon SKY
Plan detail, for short SPEC
Quick FAST
Rabbit movements HOPS
Recede like the tide EBB
Reindeer's coat FUR
Rice cake in ozoni MOCHI
See 1-Down POEM
Shoreline structure PIER
Shorts measurement INSEAM
Sign above some display samples NOTFORSALE
Skier's stick POLE
Smartphone downloads MOBILEAPPS
Smear on sloppily DAUB
Some 61-Down IPAS
Spiderweb, for example TRAP
Sport played with mallets POLO
Star on Nepal's flag SUN
Tenants' documents LEASES
Travel by ship SAIL
Tuition add-ons FEES
Until, in Spanish HASTA
Vanished ___ thin air INTO
Veggie in zeytinyagli pirasa LEEK
Went faster than the limit SPED
Wild guess STAB
With 12-Across, work such as 'The Mahabharata' EPIC
Word that sounds like a breakfast food SERIAL
___ Bird Flour BLUE
___-Air (L.A. neighborhood) BEL