Family Time - Jan 30 2022

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Clues Answers
"Gold unicorn ___ baby dragon, which do I want?" (2 words) ORA
"I" strain? EGO
"I'm better than you" person SNOB
"If you give me the ___ half, I'll have it all" OTHER
180 degrees from good EVIL
An animal with tusks BOAR
Authentic or genuine REAL
Be a successful marketer SELL
Bicontinental landmass EURASIA
Big city in Norway OSLO
Bluish color TEAL
Blvds. or sts. kin AVES
By way of VIA
Cheesy Dutch export EDAM
Clean, as one's dirty hands LAVE
Cry like a pigeon COO
Dads PAS
Entrance into a mine ADIT
Estimator's words ORSO
Fancied-up "Bye!" TATA
Gooses, as an engine REVS
Great drink for a hot summer day (2 words) ICEDTEA
Great fire INFERNO
Have a jalapeno pepper EAT
It can capture precious moments (2 words) DIGITALCAMERA
Large Australian bird raised for meat EMU
Like a game with a 102-12 score OVER
Like a hotel room after room service NEAT
Little slice of history ERA
Map book ATLAS
Material for a shiny jacket (2 words) PATENTLEATHER
Clues Answers
Old Italian money LIRA
One of the earliest artists of all time (2 words) CAVEMAN
One of the main directions SOUTH
Org. known for orbits NASA
Painful thing to have in a shoe STONE
Participated in a cross-country event RAN
Prefix with "dynamic" AERO
Private retreat SANCTUM
Proofs people are who they say they are IDS
Rabbit relative HARE
Relative of "shock" and "stun" AWE
Safety device for every home (2 words) SMOKEDETECTOR
Sense of humor WIT
Sentence type that should have ended sooner (2 words) RUNON
Shimmering waterway SEA
Simple home HUT
Snooze at 2:45 p.m NAP
Solo performed in an opera ARIA
Some rodents kept as pets RATS
Something a basketball travels through NET
Sport played with mallets POLO
Stadium's rain blocker DOME
Swiss mountain ALP
Tent securer STAKE
The boy in the cape HIM
To and ___ FRO
Top boss in "The Godfather" VITO
Touch lightly on the shoulder TAP
Toward the right, on a map EASTERN
YouTube video interrupters ADS