Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 12 2022

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Clues Answers
"Caught ya!" AHA
"I — Rock" AMA
"Tasty!" MMM
Admin. aides ASSTS
Argentine city CORDOBA
Aristocrat NOBLE
Baby carriage PRAM
Braid of hair PLAIT
CIA forerunner OSS
Classic Ford MODELT
Collect slowly GLEAN
Derby prizes PURSES
Ear-shaped shell ABALONE
Entre — NOUS
Eritrea's capital ASMARA
Expulsion OUSTER
Fall bloom ASTER
Fix a shoe RESOLE
Flight stat ALT
Florida city TAMPA
Genetic letters RNA
Harsh cough CROUP
Hearty brew ALE
Hitter's stat RBI
Honey drinks MEADS
Hosp. workers DRS
House Speaker Nancy PELOSI
Lanka lead-in SRI
Clues Answers
Like native llamas ANDEAN
Looks after MINDS
Malia's sister SASHA
Massage RUB
Mirror's offering IMAGE
Monogram pt INIT
Moo — pork SHU
Not neg POS
Notre Dame's Parseghian ARA
Pageant bands SASHES
Perfect place UTOPIA
Pine product RESIN
Planet with rings SATURN
Plato's P RHO
Postage STAMP
Radiates EMITS
Refrain (from) ABSTAIN
Regrets RUES
Roof features GABLES
Secret-protecting doc NDA
Song of praise PSALM
Spanish ayes SISI
Steam baths SAUNAS
Steerer's place HELM
Texas border city DELRIO
Throat affliction STREP
Venetian marketplace RIALTO
Virgil or Wyatt EARP
Xylophone cousin MARIMBA