New York Times - Aug 15 2010

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Clues Answers
'Go ___!' ONIN
'The lowest form of humor,' per Samuel Johnson PUN
'The Mystery of ___ Vep,' 1990s Off Broadway play IRMA
'Toe' of the Arabian Peninsula OMAN
'Twin Peaks' actor Jack NANCE
'Vitruvian Man' artist LEONARDO
'___ Diana's altar to protest': Shak. ORON
'___ I might ...' TRYAS
112-Across sound SSSSS
300 to 3,000 MHz range UHF
7-0 record, e.g. SWEEP
Actresses Kristen and Graff ILENES
Angel DEAR
Annual parade subject GAYPRIDE
Astronomer Tycho ___ BRAHE
Begets SIRES
Being debated ATISSUE
Biblical correspondent STPAUL
Bit of air pollution CINDER
Blue pixie SMURF
Board, in a way ENTRAIN
Bounce EJECT
Canadian curling championship, with 'the' BRIER
Certain Central Asian TATAR
Coll. in La Jolla UCSD
Compos mentis SANE
Constant, in product names PERMA
Contents of sleeves ALBUMS
Cream, e.g. TRIO
Currently ASOFNOW
Decimal system BASETEN
Designer Versace GIANNI
Dinner crumbs ORTS
Div. of biology ENTOM
Dom ___, 'Inception' hero COBB
E is its lowest note GCLEF
End early ABORT
Fin de siècle writer Pierre ___ LOTI
First president of South Korea RHEE
Follow ENSUE
Gently roast ... or something that's roasted RIB
Group of whales GAM
Grps. that know the drill? ROTCS
Guy holding a Hostess snack cake? THEMANWITHTHEHOHO
Harem room ODA
Held in reserve SETBY
Hersey novel setting ADANO
Hipbone attachment SACRUM
Hors d'oeuvre follower ENTREE
Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant, slangily RASSLER
Inhabitant: Suffix OTE
It has a blast TNT
It's noble NEON
Japanese noodle UDON
Jury members PEERS
Key with five sharps: Abbr. BMAJ
Landlord's ultimatum? RENTORBYEBYE
Ledger list ASSETS
Letter run QRS
Library shelfful: Abbr. DICTS
Like Bob Dylan's voice NASAL
Liza Minnelli's father VINCENTE
Locale for a trophy display DEN
Majorcan affirmation? MEDITERRANEANSISI
Mar. weekend shortener DST
Milk containers UDDERS
Misspeak, e.g. ERR
Modify, as software RECODE
Clues Answers
More thin and frail SPINDLIER
N.S.A. concern, for short INTEL
Nearly worthless TWOBIT
Not yet acquired, as knowledge UNLEARNT
Operator of the original N.Y.C. subway IRT
Opposite of Thanatos, to Freud EROS
Organizer of many a sit-in: Abbr. SDS
Out of the office, perhaps ATLUNCH
Part of batting instruction STANCE
Parts of many a still life PEARS
Pet food company since 1946 IAMS
Places where masseurs massage SPAS
Play money? ANTE
Politico Gingrich NEWT
Popular fragrance TABU
Portuguese wines MADEIRAS
Procrastinator's response SOON
Purveyor of nonstick cookware TFAL
Puts back in STETS
Red Skelton persona HOBO
Registering a poodle? LICENSINGFIFI
Reservation at a Johannesburg restaurant? TABLEFORTUTU
Roam and raid MARAUD
Sculptor Maya LIN
Sell-off, say DROP
She-bear: Sp. OSA
Sitcom with three stars MASH
Skyscraper support IBEAM
Slithering menace COBRA
Sol mates? LAS
Some court pleas, for short NOLOS
Some Latinas: Abbr. SRTAS
Something for a kid to keep on hand? MITTEN
Something that's 'Miss' titled? PAGEANT
Sorry soul? ATONER
Sports org. since 1894 IOC
Steve Martin's 'boy king' TUT
Supercilious sort SNOB
The 'A' of sports' A.F.L. ARENA
The beginning DAYONE
Time on end EONS
Track meet events HEATS
Traditional church celebration LATINMASS
Trouble's partner TOIL
Try to scare off, in a way ROARAT
Tuscan town, home of the painter Duccio SIENA
U.N.-created land: Abbr. ISR
Ultimate NTH
Underachiever's motto? MAYITEVERBESOSO
Univ., e.g. SCH
V.J.'s employer MTV
Very emotional INTENSE
Vladimir Nabokov novel PNIN
What atoms do BOND
What's expensive in Paris? CHER
Where the driver is driving Miss Daisy MOBILE
Windblown AEOLIAN
Words of caution from Rodolfo? DONTTREADONMIMI
Work that's no fun CHORE
Worry STEW
Worthy of mention NAMABLE
Writer of the short story 'The Overcoat' GOGOL
Year Columbus returned from his final voyage to the New World MDIV
[Over here!] PSST
___ and cheese MAC
___ Ed PHYS
___ fixe IDEE
___-all CURE