The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2056

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Clues Answers
A profit one more time AGAIN
Amazing soul encapsulating actor Gene BEWILDERING
An instrumental Shakespearean character? VIOLA
Bequeathed property ending in garbage, say ESTATE
Crispy biscuit — or “gatea”? SHORTCAKE
Drop tool AXE
Everyone in denial, lately ALL
Female name in song? CAROL
Fix us some dessert MOUSSE
Gossip just as wicked, initially JAW
Happening all the time, batting stances requiring adjustment INCESSANT
He's fit: man working in tunnel underground MINESHAFT
Information on the floor? low-down
Clues Answers
Item as set out in rough calculations ESTIMATES
Jack and I have a dance JIVE
Lass ate appalling condiment, perhaps? sea salt
Least good street behind terrace knocked over WORST
Northeast Shetland worried about conclusion of mother country NETHERLANDS
Person recording this finally gets to the point TAPERS
Relevant language, English GERMANE
Sad, like some eyes BLUE
Seat sis mended breaks in Spain SIESTAS
Sign of fierce animal returning in jumbo, elephant LEO
Terrific athletes originally with advanced skill TALENT
Two items of underwear, most daring BRAVEST
Where might one check in? Look left AIRPORT