- Jan 22 2022

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Clues Answers
''A friend is . . . a second __'': Aristotle SELF
''Absolument pas!'' NON
''Kapeesh!'' OHISEE
''Moses und __'' (Schoenberg opera) ARON
''Time's a-wastin'!'' LETSGO
Be harmonious CHIME
Big bundle BALE
Big number to render ARIA
Bridegroom in a Rimsky-Korsakov opera TSAR
Brown rice flavoring SAGE
Carb served with kalua pig POI
Catania cathedral DUOMO
Certain DNA test AMNIO
Contemporary of Ravel SATIE
Couples-cruise venue NOAHSARK
Deflation indication PFFT
Designations requiring defenses PHDS
Don't wonder in silence ASK
Engine accumulation GUNK
Family guy PAPA
Favored specialties BAGS
Federal Assembly vote NYET
Fighters for hire MERCS
Fruit picked while unripe GREENOLIVE
Get around SKIRT
Great Basin people UTE
GSUSA divisions TPS
Guru Granth Sahib, for Sikhs HOLYBOOK
Hairstyling device IRON
Hairstyling enhancements BEADS
Hairstyling substance GELEE
Have breath ARE
Highly selective PARTICULAR
Hindmost END
Hoops move requiring digital dexterity FINGERROLL
Ignore a ''Simpsons'' suggestion CALVE
Clues Answers
Interns for airings PAGES
L.A. museum benefactor GETTY
Major function BASH
Marlon's three-time director ELIA
Most Azerbaijani SHIA
No easy jaunt TREK
Not so touchy SAFER
Nullified UNDID
Only 50-state TV network PBS
Originally, the natural color of wool BEIGE
Party game of choices THISORTHAT
Pay off SETTLE
Pose with folded legs LOTUS
Pretenseless SINCERE
Protection from winding SCARF
Puts together, as pattern pieces BASTES
Question at a Q&A ANYONEELSE
Refuses to stand for it TAKESAKNEE
Removes, as rigor EASES
Rolls for repairs TAPES
Safari wear SUNHELMETS
Sanctified shes, for short STES
Stately shade-thrower ELMTREE
Still very much with us ALIVEANDKICKING
Summery sweets FRUITTARTS
Test for a hunting dog FIELDTRIAL
They make waves in water OARS
Touring org LPGA
What a lazy lyricist might use TRA
What many gloves are made of LISLE
What some seams are made of COAL
With friction resolved UNITED
Word related to ''poultry'' PULLET
Work on, as a street PAVE
__ service TEA