- Dec 17 2021

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Clues Answers
''A New Argentina'' musical EVITA
''Don't dawdle!'' NOW
''Dreams from My Father'' author OBAMA
''Football Tonight'' airer ESPNRADIO
''Little Women'' girl AMY
''Pinocchio'' goldfish CLEO
''Small craft warnings __'' AREUP
''The Bells'' poet POE
2-2, say TIE
Animated explorer DORA
Astronomical periods YEARS
Barnyard structure STY
Big fan LOVER
Box-office sight LINE
Burn slightly SEAR
Canard LIE
Carefully written NEAT
Certain Scandinavian DANE
Comes off as SEEMS
Complete failure FLOP
Conventioneer's wear NAMETAG
Creative skill ART
Cross swords with DUEL
Daughter of Polonius OPHELIA
Device needed for Wi-Fi access MODEM
Exploration organization NASA
Fine cut SLIT
First name in mascara ESTEE
Fishing spot BROOK
Focal points LOCI
Get on the phone REACH
Get teary WEEP
Idyllic settings EDENS
Improvise ADLIB
In a romantic mood AMOROUS
Infant outfits ONESIES
Clues Answers
iPod model NANO
Islamic leader IMAM
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Jazz pianist COREA
Join forces UNITE
Kindled AFIRE
Less seasoned NEWER
Low fellow BASSO
Luxury retail chain SAKS
Meat-package letters USDA
Metropolis on the Mediterranean BARCELONA
Name from Old Norse ERIC
Negative link NOR
NHLer from Edmonton OILER
Offender, to an officer PERP
Oh so clever WITTY
Painter from Paris DEGAS
Part 2 of quip SPOILMEIVE
Part 3 of quip ALWAYSBEEN
Places for pints PUBS
Plainly expressed OVERT
Raggedy redhead ANN
Ryder rival UHAUL
Smartphone predecessor PDA
Some dictionary listings SYNONYMS
Sort of round OVAL
Spigoted vessel URN
Start of a Fran Lebowitz quip SUCCESSDIDNT
Surrounded by AMID
Surveyor's stat AREA
Take down __ (humble) APEG
Take vengeance on GET
Try out APPLY
Two in a row? OARS
Verne antihero NEMO
Vice __ VERSA
Zinger BARB
__ nerve (funny-bone tingler) ULNAR