- Dec 16 2021

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Clues Answers
''Et __'' (and others: Lat.) ALIA
''Garfield'' guy JON
''Orange'' drink PEKOE
''Over here!'' PSST
''Rats!'' DARN
Aligns SYNCS
Apt rhyme for ''guile'' WILE
Auto with a trident logo MASERATI
Bad-check letters NSF
Ballgame spoiler RAIN
Be wild about ADORE
Captain's superior MAJOR
Clear, as a slate ERASE
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Contractor's creation SPECS
Cup handle EAR
Curly-tailed dog SPITZ
Cuts back on TRIMS
Designer Karan DONNA
Discard SHED
Dot-commerce ETAIL
Edifice complex MALL
Enter carefully EASEINTO
First Obi-Wan portrayer ALEC
Ft. Worth school TCU
Gets the picture SEES
Good things to have ASSETS
Grocery feature AISLE
Grp. at Iwo Jima USMC
Historic West Virginia town HARPERSFERRY
Hoo-ha ADO
Hosp. tests EKGS
In __ of (instead of) LIEU
It may be humble ABODE
Kid's transport TRIKE
Kitchen device COOKIECUTTER
Lickety-split APACE
Light lunch, perhaps SALAD
Llama land PERU
Clues Answers
Lose energy TIRE
Mont. neighbor IDA
Monty Python member CLEESE
Noble gas ARGON
Not many AFEW
Not too hip UNCOOL
Oscar __ Renta DELA
Pac-12 team UCLA
Pachyderm projections TUSKS
Petty quarrel SPAT
Place to take a break RESTAREA
Prods with a pointer POKES
Profs.' helpers TAS
Right-angle shape ELL
Rinsed, with ''off'' HOSED
Security system part SENSOR
Ski lift device TBAR
Sleep, symbolically ZEES
Some change COINS
Some long-term investments IRAS
Sound from a sedan HORN
Soybeans or sorghum CROP
Spring summer, for short CPA
Steaming MAD
Sticky situation MESS
Studio stand EASEL
Superfluous extra FRILL
Symbol of pioneer days PRAIRIESCHOONER
Tiny charged bit ION
Unconventional poet NASH
Venerable email provider AOL
Very infrequent RARE
Was first LED
Wears well LASTS
What ''fi'' often follows SCI
Wide-awake ALERT
__ cholesterol SERUM