- Dec 14 2021

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Clues Answers
''All kidding __ . . .'' ASIDE
24-hr. bank conveniences ATMS
Agile SPRY
Agitate STIR
Air-conditioner measures: Abbr BTUS
Alphabetizes SORTS
Art on an arm TATTOO
Artistic inspiration MUSE
Avoid by going around BYPASS
Barnyard beast with a beard GOAT
Beer barrel KEG
Bought GOT
Burn-soothing plant ALOE
Camera closeup attachments ZOOMS
Catch in a trap ENSNARE
Change for a $5 bill ONES
China used to serve pekoe TEASET
City near Sacramento FRESNO
Clinton's vice president GORE
Cola and ginger ale SODAS
Commando weapons UZIS
Corporal and captain RANKS
Create, as raised lettering EMBOSS
Devoured EATEN
Discovers, as a clue DETECTS
Donut-shaped burger topper ONIONRING
Encourage to act EGGON
Enemy FOE
Fitness center SPA
Flower stalk STEM
France's capital, humorously PAREE
Frequently ALOT
Gaze (at) STARE
Get to work START
Greek liqueur OUZO
Happening first SOONEST
Have on WEAR
Historic immigration island ELLIS
Clues Answers
Hunter's quarry PREY
Jamaican music REGGAE
Large vase URN
Lincoln nickname ABE
Make a mistake ERR
Make easier to swallow SUGARCOAT
Mayo container JAR
Mediterranean island nation MALTA
Not fooled by ONTO
Not illuminated UNLIT
Not yet in port ATSEA
Obtain GET
One side of a debate CON
Poisonous snake ASP
Poker-hand starter ANTE
Quick haircut TRIM
Reacts to ragweed SNEEZES
Rounded roof DOME
Rude person BOOR
Sailor's affirmative AYE
Salad-bar fare BOWTIEPASTA
Sci-fi being ALIEN
Shaquille of basketball ONEAL
Smell bad REEK
Snaky letter ESS
Solidifies SETS
Stacks of firewood PILES
Sudden outpouring SPURT
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Take it easy REST
Tire-changing device JACK
Tops of heads PATES
Vessels for frying PANS
Way of walking GAIT
What radiators give off STEAM
__ Baba (Arabian Nights hero) ALI
__ de plume NOM
__ Major (Big Dipper) URSA